What I’m reading, and what you should be winning.

Getting ready to head out of town plus the promise of a Memorial Day weekend kept my blog-hopping to a minimum this week. But here’s a few things to keep you off the streets and out of the bars:

Depression: Why the stigma?” at I Pick Up Pennies

Ask the Internet: How to handle food cravings” at Cheap Healthy Good (I love the  phrase “cookie meditation” in the comments section)

The early bird gets way more than the worm” at Less Is Fabulous (and remember, the second mouse gets the cheese)

Grief support doesn’t have to be expensive” at Almost Frugal (in which Emily shares some small but heartfelt gestures of kindness she and her husband received after the loss of their daughter)

June is frugal hobby month” at My Friend Kelly (it isn’t really, but Kelly says it is – and she offers some ideas that don’t require specialized skills)

How does fraud protection work on your cards?” at Consumerism Commentary (interesting question, and several interesting answers)

A reminder: You have until 9 p.m. PDT Monday to sign up for the latest Surviving and Thriving giveaway. It’s another selection of Godiva chocolates. What a shame.

The coming week’s giveaway will be a big-ticket item. Think, “gift card to major online retailer.” I hope it won’t spoil everyone for smaller delights.

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  1. Hello Donna! Thanks so much for featuring my post in your Memorial Day reading lineup. I appreciate it. Hope you are well —

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