VH from the Funny About Money blog has chosen one of my pieces — “Inattention can cost you. Ask me how I know.” —  for this week’s Carnival of Money Stories.

It’s even an Editor’s Choice! I feel so validated, even though my toe still hurts.

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I miss the Fly By Night Club, a proudly sleazy Alaskan bar that served up Spam and satire in equal doses. Nine months a year the club presented “The Whale Fat Follies,” a musical revue that skewered local and national politics, Martha Stewart, wildlife management policies, the Neiman-Marcus catalog, the official state fossil (that’s the woolly mammoth, not Sen. Ted Stevens), money-grubbing evangelical ministers, opera, squid, Bill Clinton and just about anything else that club owner Mr. Whitekeys figured could get a laugh.

The slide shows usually included at least one naked backside. The male cast members enjoyed the cross-dressing skits just a little too much. Some shows featured the world’s first tap-dancing outhouse, a performer introduced as “the happy tapper in the snappy crapper.”

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The good news is that I don’t have any cavities. The bad news is that I need a crown replaced. The worst news? No dental insurance.

What I do have, however, is a dental-hygienist sister who will X-ray and clean my teeth for free, and an emergency fund to help pay for the crown. Not that I’m thrilled about dipping into the EF, mind you, but at least I won’t go into debt fixing my face.

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I’m getting ready to go to Anchorage, Alaska for a long trip, house-sitting and hanging out with family and friends.

Anybody want a postcard?

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“Sex and the City 2” opens May 27, and I’m happy to be hosting the Blog & Save giveaway of the script necklace — aka the  “Carrie necklace” — made famous in the TV series.

You don’t have to be named Carrie to win it, though. The necklace, from Limoges Jewelry, will spell out your name as long as it has fewer than 12 letters.

Normally this necklace it would cost $69.99 – but if you win, it won’t cost you a dime.

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