Welcome, Wise Bread readers.

If you’re new here because of my guest post on Wise Bread, welcome and thanks for coming over.

I’d like to suggest a few favorite posts in case you don’t have much time to check out the archives:

I post every day. Sometimes the topic is mindful living/frugality, and sometimes it’s whatever I feel like writing about: language, cultural institutions, midlife issues, Little League.

I hope you’ll come back or, better yet sign up to subscribe via RSS or e-mail.

You should definitely plan to be here every Friday, when I announce weekly giveaways of items cute (e.g., a Webkinz husky pup), attitudinal (“Alaska Girls Kick Ass” bumper stickers) or essential (Godiva chocolate). Once I even gave away a $100 Amazon gift card. It might happen again.

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