Three carnivals, four posts.

My work has been selected for a trio of blog carnivals this week.

“4 ways to think about money” was chosen for the Carnival of Personal Finance at My Journey to Millions.

Don’t hate the payer, hate the game” (an Editor’s Choice) and “14 insanely cheap ways to have fun this summer” are both in the Festival of Frugality at Funny About Money. I’d entered one piece on June 27 and another on July 3, thinking I’d submitted to two different weeks. Apparently the effect was cumulative.

Finally, “You can’t even tell perfect bodies apart” was picked for the 46th Baby Boomers Blog Carnival. Yes, I am a member of that demographic, albeit a tail-end-of-the-boom boomer. But I’m still older than the carnival that selected me.

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