My newspaper didn’t show up today. A missing Sunday paper is particularly irksome because it’s top-heavy with sale and coupon supplements. Happily, another paper was delivered about an hour after I called the Seattle Times circulation department.

One of these days there won’t be a paper – and not because someone stole it, or because my carrier’s Saturday night stretched into Sunday morning. It will be because newspapers have gone the way of the dodo.

At that point I’ll be seriously bummed. So will dog lovers, bird owners and the thrift store cashiers who insist on wrapping each cup or plate you buy in sheets of yesterday’s news.

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Are higher wage-earners more likely to cheat? Would they write a country song about it, and should you give that genre a closer look? Do you think a country-music fan would be drawn to a blogger whose site title mentions whiskey?

Ridiculously random thoughts, but plenty of good reads this week.

Can checks survive the decade? at I Pick Up Pennies

Stupid is as stupid does at Ask Liz Weston

Restaurants: How to cope with gigantic helpings at The Half-Off Diet (a new site just launched by vh of Funny About Money)

No-spend Christmas at Girl With the Red Balloon

Hallowed ground” at History Eraser Button (a look at a few things that are the same distance from the “hallowed” Ground Zero as the Muslim center will be)

Why is this state shaped like a belt buckle? Or, a few thoughts on country music at Tiger Beatdown

Money, sex and infidelity: Who is more likely to cheat at Consumerism Commentary

Appreciation: A tool for change at Identity

I am truly my brother’s keeper, and a finder of lost animals at Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

Bad day box at A Mom, Money and More (a really sweet idea for the kid you’re sending off to college – or anyone, actually)

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The readers have spoken! Well, they’ve commented. This week’s giveaway is…

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Americans are now deeper in college-loan debt than they are in credit-card debt. We owe some $829.785 billion for those sheepskins, compared to the $826.5 billion in consumer debt.

But you don’t have to go broke to go to college. You probably don’t even have to borrow money.

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