Giveaway winner: The last shall be first.

Congratulations to Cindy Brick, winner of the $20 Amazon gift card. Cindy: Respond to my email and I’ll send you the prize.

Note: Cindy’s were the last two comments to show up. One of them was chosen by the random number generator as the winner. The moral of the story: Take time to leave comments, even at the last minute!

Friday’s prize could also come in handy during the holiday shopping season. Depending on your gift list, of course.


  1. Here’s hoping!!

  2. Alane Farmer

    I could always use a little help during the holidays

  3. Alane Farmer

    Also follow you on facebook.

  4. Marcia Carli

    Iread this and it just made my day! Thanks for another great article Donna. :)

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