Tuesday tidbits: Moose calendars, a blog carnival and the latest from MSN Money.

Alane Farmer is the winner of the moose calendar and the “Alaska Girls Kick Ass” bumper sticker. Alane is a fellow Jersey girl but apparently is also an Alaska girl wannabe. I know how she feels, having just gotten back from a month in the Great Land.

This week’s giveaway is still up in the air. It might be something warm and cozy but it might also be a book. I’ll flip a coin later in the week.

In other news:

Carnival time: “10 financial lessons from ‘True Grit’” made it into the Carnival of Personal Finance over at Blonde and Balanced.

Forensic accounting? If you frequently encounter the case of the missing funds, it might be time for “CSI: My Wallet.” That’s the topic of my current Living With Less column over at MSN Money. “Committing ‘capital’ crimes? CSI ’em” uses crime-scene terms to attack common budgetary problems. Yes, it’s gimmicky — but gimmicks can help us look at issues creatively instead of being stuck in the “I don’t do math” rut.

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  1. Just popped over to say Hi and see what was going on in your world. I need my daily dose of Donna!

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