SpaWeek 2011: Treat yourself — on a budget.

Hard on the heels of Wellness Week 2011 we have SpaWeek 2011, which offers $50 treatments by more than 800 spas in 36 states and the city of Toronto.

It doesn’t happen until April 11-17, but these discounted deals probably won’t last that long. The time to book is now.

That is, if you want to treat yourself (or a loved one, or your long-suffering bridesmaids) to a day spa, fitness center, medical spa, resort spa and other places that rub you the right way.

You can get yoga, facials, Pilates, haircuts, acupuncture, laser hair removal, body scrubs, pedicures and loads of other treatments. Go to SpaWeek’s home page and look for participating businesses in your neighborhood.

Discounted gift cards: Buy now for use later

Also available are $50 gift cards accepted at 2,000 spas around the country. The cards do not expire, so you can use them even after SpaWeek 2011 is over. I’ll get a 10% discount if I buy them from this link.

If you buy through that link, I’ll earn a small commission that will probably be turned back into spa gift cards for more massages. Remember, a relaxed blogger is a productive blogger who remembers to put up giveaways each Friday. Just sayin’.

I’m miserably tempted by a local spa’s hot stone massage with essential oils. I budget for at least a monthly massage for reasons of wellness and stress relief. Right now I’m fresh out of discounted rubdowns bought through social commerce sites, so I’ll probably succumb.

It’s either that or do spring cleaning at my place. Which would you choose?


  1. It’s a tough one but I think I would choose to go to the spa over cleaning. Not sure though, let me ponder it for a while and I’ll get back to you.;)

  2. I tried to click on the spaweek link but got an error message. Is it too late to purchase?

    BTW, I used to read you on MSN and didn’t even know you had your own blog. I’m glad I found it.

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