Giveaway: A big bear book.

After weeks and weeks of PF-themed giveaways I figured it was time for a change. That’s why this week’s prize is a gorgeous coffee-table book full of slavering bruins.

Shooting Bears: The Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer” chronicles in words and photos — lots of photos — the life and work of the late John Pezzenti Jr.

Pezzenti spent three decades taking pictures of polar, black and grizzly bears, mostly in Alaska. For a glimpse of some of the pictures, click on the link above.

While I have issues with the way Pezzenti worked — he got way too close to the animals, a technique that can help acclimate bears to humans — I cannot deny that his images are stunning.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 9 p.m. PST on Monday, March 28.

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  1. Wow – first comment. I’d be thrilled if the random number generator liked me (not to mention to receive the book).

  2. Wow, 2 Carols in a row. Could this be our lucky day?

  3. Jennifer

    The books looks great. I really like wildlife photography.

  4. I follow you and your daughter’s “I Pick up Pennies” via email.

  5. Elizabeth

    Sounds neat. This would be a great gift!

  6. And I would be unbearably happy to win a bear picture book.

  7. Elizabeth

    I subscribe via email.

  8. Melinda

    My mother in law would love this. She and her hubby spent 3 months in their van in Alaska and got some great photos of wildlife – safely, though.

  9. Melinda

    I’m also a subscriber!

  10. This sounds like the perfect gift for my dad, who may eventually return to his camera after retirement… Thanks for the chance!

  11. …and for a second chance! (Love my Reader…)

  12. Count me in too!

  13. Oh Donna, “slavering bruins”, I actually laughed out loud at work. Thanks for a great blog! 😀

  14. unusual book… but hey, I’m interested.

  15. …yes, I subscribe.

  16. Sounds amazing! I would love this book. Great conversation piece.

  17. My hubby would LOVE this! He has a bear tattoed on his bicep!

  18. And I follow on Facebook!

  19. Laura P.

    I lived in Alaska for 13 years after going up to Ft Rich in the Army. I’d love the book.

  20. Alicia Caldwell

    I love animals! Even though I don’t have a coffee table, I would love to win this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    I am a current Twitter follower and email subscriber.

  21. I just found your blog – I love your philosophy! I subscribed via RSS, and can’t wait to read more.
    I would love to win this book. Thank you for offering it!

  22. would love to have this book

  23. I looked at this on Amazon, and the reviews there are also excellent, all gave 5 stars! I would love to win this, especially since it’s not even available at any library in my area! What’s up with that? :)

  24. Email

  25. My mom was a photography major. She would love this.

  26. Entry

  27. Bears are the number one threat to America!

  28. Nancy from Mass

    I would love this. My parents travelled around Alaska in 1983 visiting friends out there and fishing. they had to quickly pack up one day and leave the river while fishing because 2 cubs came down to the water to drink and they didn’t want to be around when the mother came down!

  29. Wow, that picture looked amazing, and I bet the rest are too.

  30. Susannah

    I adore bears! Teddy bears, real bears….

  31. I would love to have this book!

  32. Gorgeous photos!

  33. Facebook, too.

  34. Sounds like a beautiful book!

  35. I’m an email subscriber.

  36. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I’d love to win this book for my daughter–whose love of bears has continued from her childhood. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Note: My mother and her father lived in Alaska before it was a state and two of my siblings were born there.

  37. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    email subscriber

  38. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I like you on Facebook

  39. average guy

    Hey Donna,

    what strikes me every time i glance at your blog is the enormous difference between the number of comments you get to a post when there is a giveaway and those posts that do not have a giveaway. kinda sad, no?

  40. The book looks amazing. I sure hope I win

  41. Thanks for sharing this wonderful book!

  42. Jen Mahan

    My hubby and I were watching a TV show, I forget what channel now – Science, Discovery… one of those. And it was about this guy backpacking all across Alaska and his bear interactions. I can’t remember too much about it because the guy was getting way too close to the bears and it struck me as absurd to produce that imposing of a documentary. And then if I watched it, and it got good viewership numbers, then maybe they’d make a 2nd one. I doubt this is the same guy, at any rate, your post today jogged a memory.

  43. Jen Mahan

    Honestly, not trying for a second entry on purpose, but can’t figure out how to edit my first comment. I believe the documentary that my husband and I stopped watching was: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grizzly_Man

    And, well, if it was, there’s not much chance of a sequal.

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