“Personal Finance: The Missing Manual” has a new home.

Funny About Money is the winner of this week’s giveaway, “Personal Finance: The Missing Manual.” If you’ve never checked out her blog please do so immediately, if not sooner.

I was pleased to have my work included in two PF blog carnivals this week:

Laughter: The frugal survival tool,” which ran on the MSN Money Smart Spending blog, is in the Festival of Frugality at Free Money Finance.

8 ways to get rid of a headache. (Nine, if you count divorce.)” was chosen for the Carnival of Personal Finance at Blogging for Change.

Fun fact No. 1: Laughter is one of the headache cures I mentioned.

Fun fact No. 2: Funny About Money isn’t always funny. Sometimes she’s serious.


  1. Congratulations FaM…I am a reader of your blog also.

  2. Just stopped over to say Hi and I may be having a break down. But it will be funny.

  3. jestjack

    On a more serious note…how about an article/discussion about gas prices….. BUT from your readers…AKA “real people”…I for one would like to know what is the point at which folks “hit the wall”. That is at what price do they say…”that’s it!” and significantly change their driving habits. This request has been spurred by gas topping 3.83 per gallon in “my neck of the woods” AND the “poop-pooing” by some economists in the media as to the effect of soaring fuel prices. Sadly…not a lot to laugh about with high energy prices…

  4. Thanks! That’s great fun!

    Now…if I can only win the lottery…

    LOL! Jestjack hit upon the very topic of the post I’m writing this morning. Should go live in another few moments.

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