Or, rather, she’s ready to put her husband on a plane. Cindi, the winner of the TSA toiletries bag, notes that her significant other travels a lot for business.

Stay tuned for Friday’s giveaway, which will be either a PF book or a gift card (but not an Amazon one).

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My current piece at MSN Money won’t show up in the RSS feed. That’s because it’s a slide show rather than a column.

“$9 airfare and 9 other travel hacks” offers the skinny on things like “news flash” alerts (e.g., a $9 flight from Boston to New York), ways to get a free flop anywhere from Anchorage to Amsterdam, and how to spend just $1 to journey from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia.

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Earlier this week I went hiking with my niece and her two boys. On the way to the trail another hiker told us to be alert: Bears had recently been seen in the area.

We can now attest that the bears are still in the area.

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Melissa Allison was the one whom the random number generator loved best this week. She gets the $20 Amazon gift card. Everyone else gets to try again on Friday.

My first week here has been fun: Little sleep, but plenty of family, friends and food. The weekend was given to attending (and recovering from) a reunion of current and former women of the Anchorage Daily News in picturesque Hope, Alaska. This was a great group of kickass wimmen, and of course the food was major.

Oh, and yesterday my niece and her boys and I ran into a couple of bears while hiking.

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I never cared much for yogurt. It generally seemed too sour to me, unless it was turned into tzatziki sauce on a gyro sandwich.

Apparently I just never had the right kind of yogurt.

I’d heard that the homemade version was better than the commercial kind. I’d also read about people making yogurt in a slow cooker. After looking online for instructions I settled on a slight variation of the process described at A Year of Slow Cooking.

And then I improved on it.


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