Send me to BlogHer 2011!

I’m going, no matter what. But you can help me get there cheaper. As in, for free.

Retail Me Not, among the best-known of the online discount code sites, is giving away 14 tickets to BlogHer 2011, a conference for women who write. I’d love to be one of the 14 winners.

Of course, so would a lot of other writers. So RMN created a contest: We’d each send our best summertime tip and then the readers would vote for their favorites.

That’s where you come in. Go to http://theinsider.retailmenot.com/blogher and look under the red-carpet illustration for the words “click here to vote.” Click and then look for my tip; it’s about midway down the list and, naturally, it’s got a touch of smartassery humor about it. The topic is “6 reasons the garden hose is your summertime friend.”

If you think my tip is a keeper, say so by voting for it. You can vote only once. The deadline is midnight Sunday, June 26.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, could you ask your friends to weigh in as well?

What’s in it for you, besides my gratitude? BlogHer swag, of course. A lot of companies offer free samples and other goodies. My daughter got so many freebies at BlogHer 2010 that she mailed me a big box of stuff. These turned into giveaways like the Eucerin package, the “better living through chemistry” package and   “Who makes this stuff up?” package.

I’m picturing more such giveaways when I return. Maybe they’ll even be handing out those bacon lollipops.


  1. I voted for you! I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, so unfortunately I can’t spread the word through those sites (though I have been tempted to join Facebook, mainly so I could get the coupons that are often distributed on that site).

  2. Harry Martin

    Done :-)

  3. I voted for you. Good luck!

  4. Jackie

    I voted. Good luck!

  5. My vote’s in. Hope you win, Donna!

  6. Holly Samlan

    you got my vote. Strange. I read a TON of blogs and I only spotted a couple I know but NONE other than you that I read regularly.

    Also, I feel that a HUGE number of the bloggers did not respond to the theme-summertime but instead posted the same old same old we read year around.

  7. lostAnnfound

    My vote is in. Good Luck, Donna!

  8. Elizabeth

    Done. Hope you win!

  9. CandiO

    I voted!

  10. Sarah V

    Voted for you – I can wait to hear about your adventures at Blogher 2011!

  11. I voted for you as well. Sadly, your entry was the only one that made me laugh. The others were so serious! Thanks for finding a way to interject humor into a often-stuffy subject!

  12. average

    voted for ya

  13. M Dunne

    Voted for you Donna. Good luck!

  14. Ro in SD

    I voted! See you in San Diego!

  15. jestjack

    I cast my vote. I’ll never look at my hose the same again!

  16. SherryH

    I voted. And I agree with Holly that many of the tips were more generic than summery. There was one I liked, about things that typically go on sale during the summer. Alas, now that I’ve voted, I can’t see the tips any more!

    Have fun at BlogHer!

  17. Good luck! And thanks for making me get in on this. I voted for you. Weird, huh?

    • Donna Freedman

      @SonyaAnn: I think we can all agree that you are weird. In a good way.

  18. Did it! I’m so jealous you get to go to BlogHer….i’m dying to go but would only be able to if fully sponsored, being a frugal blogger and all lol. Can’t wait to see what swag you get!

    • Donna Freedman

      @Amiyrah: I’m going to use it as a business expense. Of course, I have to pay for it up front… :-(
      Thanks for your vote.

  19. Mollymouser


  20. Jessie C.

    Voted for you.

  21. I voted! Good luck!

  22. Done! and I made an “I voted” sticker to wear so that my coworkers would be confused. LOL!

  23. Barbara Mattoon

    Hi Donna,

    I voted. Got my Kindle, but now I could use some Amazon Gift cards to put books on it.

  24. I voted! Even if I didn’t follow your blog, I would have voted for your entry. It made me giggle.

  25. I voted! Good luck. Hope I win the amazon card this week! I need text books!

  26. I voted for you as well!

  27. Just voted. Good luck!

  28. Voted – good luck!

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