Win this Amazon gift card, and help me win a different prize.

This week’s giveaway is a $20 Amazon gift card. That’s right: $20 toward whatever you’re saving for – a Kindle? a tricycle? a year’s supply of gummy worms? – or toward whatever impulse purchase floats your boat.

I just give the cards. I don’t police how you spend them.

The gift card will go to whichever lucky person is chosen by the random number generator. Voting for me in this contest, sponsored by Retail Me Not, is voluntary. Seriously. I have no way of knowing who participates.

Of course, I’d love it if you did vote. Each thumbs-up gets me a little closer to winning one of 14 tickets to BlogHer 2011 – and, maybe, to the grand prize, the “Rock Star” treatment at the conference.

If you’re so inclined, go to http://theinsider.retailmenot.com/blogher and look under the red-carpet illustration for the words “click here to vote.” Click, and then look for my frugal tip; it’s about midway down the list. Naturally, it’s got a touch of smartassery humor about it: The topic is “6 reasons the garden hose is your summertime friend.”

The deadline is midnight Sunday, June 26. Thanks to those who have already voted. I figure you’re never too old to be a rock star. Just look at Keith Richards.

Now: To win the gift card, do one or more of the following:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The giveaway deadline is 9 p.m. PDT on Monday, June 27.


  1. PNW Nancy

    Pick me, O Random Number Generator!

  2. PNW Nancy

    I follow you on Facebook.

  3. PNW Nancy

    I subscribe via email.

  4. Michele David

    Hope you win the Blogher tickets -I “Like” your Facebook page, and I did vote for your garden hose tip-lol!

  5. I’d love to win the giftcard and I hope you win the trip to BlogHer.

  6. I follow you on facebook.

  7. Kim White

    Love your sense of humor :)

  8. One more vote in for you. Cheaper than a slip and slide indeed!

  9. Kim White

    and subscribed via email also

  10. Marsha Webb

    Voted. Hope you win!

  11. Marsha Webb

    RSS subscriber

  12. Diane George

    Love your information!

  13. i love amazon!

  14. follow on twitter @oshkoshbgosh123

  15. follow by rss

  16. I voted for your tip. And, I need this card for daughter’s birthday.

  17. I follow you via email. And, I still need the card!

  18. Jessie C.

    Just voted for you , best of luck!

  19. Jessie C.

    I’m a subscriber

  20. Jessie C.

    FB liker@tcarolinep Jessiekatie S

  21. Dear Random Number Generator,

    I have been a good (mostly) girl all year (so far)

    Please pick me. :)


  22. I subscribe via RSS and email.

  23. Connie D.

    I voted for you, the garden hose was a good idea!!

  24. Connie D.

    I follow on facebook!! Hope you win!!

  25. Connie D.

    I subscribe to you thru emial

  26. I liked the sassiness in your tip! Got my vote!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  27. e-mail subscriber
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  28. following you on twitter (someluckydog)
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  29. AKgirl

    Facebook follower and Amazon lover… I also voted, hey, what is family for?!

  30. Shannon Bennett

    i voted, hope you win like i hope i win, lol :)

  31. Follow you on facebook and have voted of course for your frugal tip, hope you win!!

  32. Harry Martin

    I voted for your suggestion

  33. Harry Martin

    I subscribe via email

  34. Harry Martin

    I “like” you on Facebook :-)

  35. rosa rugosa

    You got my vote, Donna!

  36. hope i win

  37. rss subscriber

  38. Pick me, pick me. Please. 😉 Ok, it was worth a shot.

  39. I also read your blog via RSS

  40. lostAnnfound

    Saving up for a Kindle! I voted. Hope you get the grand prize!

  41. lostAnnfound

    I follow via RSS. Also read you at GRS

  42. Cindy Lynn

    I voted! Good luck Donna in winning the contest! =)

  43. Nicole

    I love Amazon cards!

  44. Nicole

    I subscribe by email.

  45. Cindy Lynn

    I follow you on facebook! =)

  46. Tryin’ again for that Amazon card! :)

  47. I would love to win this.

  48. I subscribe via RSS.

  49. jennifer horn

    Hope you win!

  50. jennifer horn

    Subscribe in Google Reader

  51. jennifer horn

    Like you on FB

  52. Jackie

    I voted! I loved playing with the hose and water when I was a kid.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  53. Jackie

    I subscribe via email
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  54. Jackie

    I follow on facebook
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  55. Maggie

    My vote is in! Good luck!

  56. It never hurts to try for these prizes! Thanks so much for making Fridays something to look forward to! :)!

  57. I’m saving up for a Netbook because our computer is slowly fading…. This would be an awesome help!

  58. I would love to win this one!

  59. I am an email subscriber

  60. I follow you on twitter @drmomoftwo

  61. Elizabeth

    I voted already!

  62. Elizabeth

    I subscribe via email. Thanks!

  63. Dorothy

    THe hose and the kiddie pool are my best friends in the summer. They keep the kids entertained for most of the summer. Who needs much more. :) (Well, some warm, non rainy weather would be a plus)

  64. Joanna

    Ah, the Slip ‘n Slide brings back a lot of memories – mostly of how sore I got. After all, you’re basically throwing yourself onto hard ground. And we never had as much fun as they did on the TV commercials.

  65. I subscribe!!

  66. I subscribe with an rss feed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. What a hoot! I’ll have to try the slip n slide. Got a whopper of a hill in one of the pastures….

  68. voted for you – hope you win! and I love this blog.

  69. Here’s hoping I’m lucky again. I just found out I’ll be losing my job shorttly so I plan on up’ing my entries into blog related contests. This would be a great prize to win.

  70. I subscribe by RSS.

  71. I follow on twitter.

  72. Mara Mc Bain

    Follow you through email!

  73. CandiO

    Come on great random number generator, I know you could pick me!

  74. Mara Mc Bain

    And Facebook! And as a little good Karma … I ran over and voted for you! Best of luck!

  75. Melanie

    I loved your “humor”! Not only did I vote but I passed on to my friends. Hope you win!

  76. Melanie

    Also, I subscribe via email.

  77. Melanie

    Aaaaand I follow you on facebook! :)

  78. When Donna goes to BlogHer we all win…remember the prize stash…so vote, guys.

  79. I hope you win!

  80. still following you and your daughter’s “I pick up Pennies” via email.

  81. Maggie

    Hey Donna,
    I’ve been subscribe to your RSS feed and enjoy your posts. The details of your travel adventures are good as are the reminders of the basics of saving money. Good luck!

  82. Mami2jcn

    I voted for you!

  83. Mami2jcn

    I subscribe to your emails.

  84. Mami2jcn

    I follow you on Twitter (mami2jcn)

  85. Just placed my vote for Donna!

  86. gailbon

    Hooray! I subscribe by email!

  87. Meredith Britton

    I voted for you in the BlogHer contest!

  88. I voted. Now random number wheel pick me.

  89. Sarah L

    I voted for you!

  90. Sarah L

    I get your emails!

  91. Dawn K.

    I’m saving for a Kindle!

  92. Katherine

    I subscribe via RSS.

  93. Voted for ‘ya!

  94. RSS subscriber

  95. Dawn K.

    I subscribe via google reader

  96. Sonja J

    I voted! Awesome tip.

    And thanks for sharing the Amazon love :)

  97. Sonja J

    Also a Facebook fan.

  98. Good luck with the BlogHer tickets–and the rockstar treatment!

  99. I’m subscribed to this blog via e-mail already.

  100. I’m also a subscriber via RSS (Google Reader): Rabid Fox

  101. I’m following you on Twitter (@wagthefox). I need to double-check my Twitter follows too, because it seems I’ve inadvertently unfollowed some folks somehow. That ever happen to anyone?

  102. And I’ve liked Surviving and Thriving on Facebook: facebook.com/wagthefox

  103. Nikole

    I voted for you!

  104. Sarah V

    I voted earlier and I will get my husband to add his click tonight.

  105. Beverley

    I voted! Great ideas!
    I follow you on e-mail. Thanks for all the great thought provoking articles and giveaways.

  106. Cheapcat

    Funny how you chose the garden hose, as it’s one of our favorite things about summer. It’s so much better to hose off muddy boots & dogs outside!

  107. Already voted—good luck!

  108. Also already voted – best of luck!

  109. Jeannine

    Good luck! I hope you win a ticket.

  110. Rhonda Rouse

    I voted for ya!

  111. Rhonda Rouse

    I get your emails.

  112. Rhonda Rouse

    I follow you on fb.

  113. I voted for you! And my garden hose stays busy all summer!!

  114. I also get you in my Inbox. :o)

  115. And I’ve got you on my FB.

  116. I hope I win.

  117. I RSS you

  118. I follow you on twitter.

  119. Rachael

    I voted for you!

  120. Rachael

    I also follow on FB!

  121. Good luck, hope you win the trip!

  122. I subscribe through Reader.

  123. SherryH

    I voted yesterday. Great – and creative! – hint. I love your gift card giveaways. I have a whole slew of books on my ‘want list’, but a year’s supply of gummy worms… now, that’s tempting!

  124. Roblyn Hartsfield

    love your posts – and your giveaways!

  125. Kristy OT

    I subscribe to you via RSS!

  126. Debbie E.

    I subscribe via email :) Great Entry by the way !

  127. Voted. Good luck.
    I would love that gift card as I am currently on a self imposed book ban, using my own money of course, but I would have no aversion to spending Amazon’s. :)

  128. I voted for you!

  129. I’m subscribed via RSS!

  130. Hope you win; you’re the one I voted for.

  131. Amy Killoran

    I subscribe via email!

  132. I’d love to win, and I voted for you, too. So, I hope you win as well!

  133. I would love to win.

  134. Would love to have that gift card to make my multi-page Amazon wish list a little smaller…:)

  135. Amanda W

    I voted. THanks for the giveaway!

  136. I subscribe to your emails.

  137. I like you on FB.

  138. Amanda W

    I follow via RSS.

  139. I follow you on Twitter.

  140. Amanda W

    Follow on twitter @amandawk

  141. I’m in although holy christ 140 comments already? I’m doomed.

  142. sandra jensen

    I voted for you (where IS my garden hose??)

  143. sandra jensen

    I stalk – errr – follow you on facebook!

  144. sandra jensen

    I subscribe by email!

  145. I voted for you the other day. Good luck! (Even if the conference is in the ‘burbs and not really in Chicago, it gets you close to our wonderful city!)

  146. I also subscribe to you via RSS, btw.

  147. And I follow you on Twitter.

  148. I also am following you on Facebook. If I win the Amazon gift card I’m going to get some bags for my Miele vacuum cleaner. I love that little thing, but the bags are freakin’ expensive!

  149. Melissa C

    here’s hoping 149 comments so far add up to up 149 votes to get you to blog her!

  150. RonnieD

    Count me in for the drawing. My amazon wish list is getting way too long. :)

  151. Count me in!

  152. I’m setting up a baby registry on Amazon, but I just may use a gift card for something impractical. The year’s supply of gummy worms doesn’t sound half bad…

  153. I also follow via Google Reader.

  154. Sheila

    You got my vote!

  155. I voted for you!! Hope you win!!

  156. I get your emails.

  157. I also follow you on Facebook!!

  158. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  159. RSS subscriber

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  160. I follow you on FB
    Sasha L.

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  161. Kristina

    I’m in!

  162. Kristina

    And I get your blog postings via email.

  163. Christine D.

    I voted for you! Good luck :)

  164. Christine D.

    I follow you by email.

  165. Christine D.

    I also follow you on Facebook.

  166. I voted for you!!!

  167. yes please!

  168. Rebekah Gienapp

    I voted for you Donna – good luck in the BlogHer contest.

  169. Melody

    Loved your tips, so I voted for you :)

  170. Jen Liu

    enjoy your blog!

  171. I voted for you! It felt questionable to just click on your suggestion, so I did read them all. You were far and away the funniest and most summer theme appropriate. I also liked the movie rewards advice, but there were two of those, so I was happy not to have to pick between them!

  172. This would knock out one item off my baby shower gift-list!

  173. Carson

    Sign me up!

  174. Carson

    RSS subscriber

  175. Carson

    Twitter follower

  176. Carson

    Like on facebook

  177. Mariam

    I could really use the gift card!!!

  178. Greg Lundblad

    Me, me!

  179. I do email with you too!

  180. Jeannine Moss

    Pick me

  181. And I’m your Facebook fiend!

  182. I hope you win the free ticket to the BlogHer conference! J. Money is trying to win too, silly boy!

  183. I subscribe via RSS feed. :)

  184. I just re-joined FB a couple days ago and now “like” you there too.

  185. Hope you win BlogHer!

  186. Marsha Jones

    I love Donna Freedman and her advice

  187. subscribe rss, too!

  188. Already voted for you over there yesterday. Best of luck!

  189. Jersey Babs

    Voted! Loved the reminders for simple summer fun.

  190. Msjbelle

    I voted for you the first time you asked:) I hope you win! And I hope I win as well the Amazon.

  191. Ingrid

    Could really use the gift card.

  192. Ingrid

    Follow you on twitter too.

  193. Jennifer

    Voted for you and “liked” you on facebook.

  194. I don’t know off the top of my head what I would use the giftcard for, but I’m sure I can find something 😉

  195. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  196. I follow you on Facebook.

  197. Would love the gc, and good luck!

  198. Just voted for you – good luck!

  199. Courtney

    I subscribed via email

  200. Courtney

    I liked you on FB

  201. Gordon

    Voting now!

  202. Gordon

    I am subscribed to your RSS

  203. Gordon

    I just voted

  204. yep, I voted (and mentioned you on my blog, too…good luck)

  205. …and I’m subscribed.

  206. Lesley

    Love your blog – and I voted for you!

  207. I just voted! Good luck Donna.. Wonderful frugal ideas with a great sense of humor.. no one deserves the win more than you!

  208. I voted for you. Love your comments and your sense of humor. Life is short so you gotta laugh.

  209. Emily N.

    I voted for you.

  210. I’m a facebook fan.

  211. I subscribe via rss.

  212. I subscribe to your email.

  213. Always love the amazon cards….

  214. nettevon

    i’ve recently become addicted to amazon. I know exactly how I’ll use the gift card.

  215. Marcia Carli

    I voted and I am going to have the kids vote too!!! Cool giveaway.

  216. Heather M


  217. Emily N.

    email subscriber

  218. Amanda

    Thanks already voted.

  219. Amanda

    Received via email. :)

  220. Love the amazon cards!

  221. Great posts, keep them coming!

  222. twittered

  223. …and RSS!

  224. I voted! I hope you win the trip! If I get the card, I’d buy a book from my wishlist. :)

  225. Thanks for doing a fun giveaway! And I did vote for you!

  226. Nancy from Mass

    I have been eyeing a cd from Europe that the gift card would cover! I hope I win!


  227. Anne Loyd

    I voted!

  228. Anne Loyd

    I subscribe to blog emails.

  229. Anne Loyd

    I like you on FB as Anne Loyd.

  230. I voted too! :)

  231. I would love to win. Thank you! And good luck!

  232. I subscribe via RSS.

  233. Magislibri

    Hope you won.

  234. Diana Bombach

    Wow, there are a lot of other comments! I know I’m going to win, though!

  235. Nickel

    hey….. contact me regarding GROUPON F/U…..pretty please

  236. Nickel

    I voted for you on BLOGHER and then everything disappeared. guess it figured I was going to vote for you again.

  237. Diana Bombach

    I subscribe via reader.

  238. Diana Bombach

    I like you on FB.

  239. I love amazon!

  240. And I subscribe via rss :)

  241. SHARONA

    voted two days ago, guess I will double dip.

  242. Just voted for you and love your Blog. Hope I win – I could sure use that card! TX and Blessings!

  243. I hope you wint!

  244. I subscribe to your blog.

  245. Good luck! I hope they send you to blogHer!

  246. I get your emails.

  247. I follow on twitter.

  248. I hope you win.

  249. Melissa Allison

    Please enter me! Thank you!

  250. Melissa Allison

    I subscribe via email (I use the email TheAllisonGang at gmail dot com to subscribe)

  251. Melissa Allison

    I subscribe via Google RSS !

  252. Melissa Allison

    I “like” you on Facebook! 😀

  253. Melissa Allison

    I follow you on Twitter (my email on there is MamasCrewx4 at aol dot come)

  254. judyyy

    I voted for you!

  255. Mary H

    I voted for you.

  256. judyyy

    email subscriber

  257. judyyy

    I follow on facebook

  258. Mary H

    I’m an email subscriber.

  259. I voted for you and I am already a subscriber and fb friend!

  260. Melinda

    I’m a subscriber!

  261. Melinda

    I voted!

  262. Diana Campbell

    I voted! Good luck.

  263. Saw this in my reader, and wanted to tell you I voted! Good luck, I hope you get to go!

  264. Susannah

    I’ve been reading your articles for a while.

  265. Alissa A

    I’m an email subscriber. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  266. June L

    “Thanks for Voting! Winner will be announced on June 28th! ~ The RetailMeNot Team”

  267. I am a Facebook follower and I voted fro you at RetailMeNot. Love your writing!

  268. I voted for you! 😉

  269. I also subscribe via email.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  270. Lisa Appelo

    Just entering! Thanks so much!


  271. Lisa Appelo

    I subscribe via e-mail and really appreciate your practical and upbeat posts.


  272. Michelle

    Hope you win, Donna. My vote for you is in!

  273. elizabeth

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  274. elizabeth

    i’m following you on twitter (@atlantagalknows)

  275. elizabeth

    i’m a facebook fan (Elizabeth S.)

  276. elizabeth

    i voted for you!

  277. I am a subscriber!

  278. I follow you on twitter.

  279. I voted for you, but I really did like your tips the best! Most summer-y!

  280. I voted for you AND I have already started Christmas shopping. $20 would sure help me continue!

  281. I subscribe by e-mail!

  282. Love your blog !

  283. Would love to win. Amazon rocks :) Great blog, enjoyed visiting. Was referred by a fellow Charlotte Fru-gal.

  284. Rachel

    I love your blog (and your daughter’s too!). :-)

  285. Would love to win and best of luck to you in your contest!

  286. And I am leaving a comment. I want to win! This is my comment.

  287. Hadespark

    Hope I win am saving to buy a sodastream.

  288. Hadespark

    Following on FB user Trinity Reyes

  289. Cheryl

    Always an enterer, never a winner : (

  290. Cheryl

    I’m also a subscriber!

  291. Cheryl

    And a FB follower!

  292. Rachel

    Hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway! $20 towards christmas would be great.

  293. Rachel

    I’m a facebook fan

  294. Rachel

    I’m a follower on my google reader.

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