Two winners! Plus a blog carnival.

The random number generator selected Kit to receive the $20 Amazon gift card. In her comment she noted that she has “been a good (mostly) girl all year (so far).” Congratulations on that, Kit — and now you can let ‘er rip.

To all who voted for me in the BlogHer 2011 contest….You are wonderful! I won one of the tickets!  This will make my first-ever trip to the conference much more affordable. You guys are the best.

If you want to see who else won, check out the Retail Me Not blog.

Finally: I’m in the Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted this week by The Canadian Personal Finance Blog. The chosen post: “Christmas is six months away. Just sayin’.” A whole lot of reading in the carnival so check it out, eh.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Congrats on winning the ticket! Happy to vote. Thanks for writing such an interesting blog.

  2. You totally deserve it! Congrats and have a great trip!

  3. Congrats, so glad to hear you won! Always love your writing. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.

  4. Congratulations on the big win!

  5. lostAnnfound

    Congratulations! Have a fantastic trip!

  6. congrats! Bring us back souveniers…just kidding.

    • Donna Freedman

      @Karla: Oh, the souvenirs are forthcoming. They hand out a lot of samples at these events (part of BlogHer is basically a trade show from companies looking to connect with bloggers), so there will be more giveaways.

  7. Congrats Donna!

  8. Congratulations!!!!!

  9. Congrats on winning! I’m going to sound like a grump, though, when I note that too many of those bloggers focus on a) couponing, and; b) stuff related to kids. Women do have other things to think about…

  10. howard

    Excuse me…..
    Wasn’t the contest based on the best summer tip? Did all your readers read the rest of the entries and choose your tip because it was the best? Or did you skim the contest by being dishonest and cheat the system by having your blog readers vote for you and you alone as to raise up your own numbers?

    I don’t understand.

    I hope the entity that sponsored the contest reads your blog and re-decides if you really are a ‘winner’.

    Perhaps you should rename your blog: Surviving And Thieving. I can not believe what a crook you are.


    • Donna Freedman

      @Howard: At the risk of sounding like Mr. Nixon, I am not a crook. The contest was based on votes for the best summer savings tip. I asked readers to click on the link, look at the tips and if they thought mine was the best I would be happy to get their votes.
      I don’t know how other contestants did it, but that’s how I did it.
      Also, I think you mean “scam” the contest, not “skim” the contest.

  11. So glad you won, Donna.

  12. howard

    Go reread the rules, Ms. Freedman (or should I say, ‘Ms. get it for free woman). The contestants are not allowed to encourage others to vote. Only the participants are.

    You are most definitely a crook. And yes, thanks for the correction: you are a sammer. And you misled your readers into a crime of dishonesty.

    • Donna Freedman

      @Howard: The rule reads “Participants are allowed a total of one (1) vote, but may encourage others to vote for their submission.” (emphasis added)
      The company that sponsored the contest encouraged us to spread the word on websites and social media, to the point of creating a badge to post on our sites.
      And it’s “scammer,” not “sammer.”

  13. Congrats Donna!! Despite what Howard thinks, you deserved to win.. I don’t vote dishonestly and I don’t think any of your other readers would do so either.. You’ve always been Uber honest about your presentation of many subjects.. Just keep on keepin’ on with what you do and above all Enjoy the trip!!!!

  14. Catseye

    I voted for you lots, Donna. Congrats!

  15. Donna,

    Thank you (and the random number generator) for the amazon gift card! And congratulations on winning the tickets, enjoy your trip!

    • Donna Freedman

      @Kit: You’re welcome. Hope you’ll keep coming back.

  16. Susan R

    Congratulations, and I’m proud to say that I voted for you! As for Howard’s comments… I would venture to say he’s never been “broke” and needing to find ways to get by. I believe you’ve come by all your tips and “hacks” honestly, and I’m grateful for all you’ve shared on your blog! Have a great time…

  17. Holly Samlan

    Glad you are able to go FREE. Hope you find cheap/free air & accomodations.

    As for Howards comment, I can only refer to my comment on your blog entry asking for us to read ALL & vote. It was on the order of:
    Don’t these people read the rules? This s/b a SUMMER tip not the usual generic, all the time tips (read the ads, use coupons……).

  18. jestjack

    Congrats Donna …. Glad we could help!

  19. CandiO

    Congrats Donna. I liked your tip or I wouldn’t have voted for you. Simple as that (and yes I read all the other tips)!

  20. SherryH

    Well, I think we can assume “howard” is not one of the winning bloggers… Sweetie, you’re just embarrassing yourself at this point.

    Well done, Donna, and congrats on a well-deserved win! I’m looking forward to hearing about the trip.

  21. Harry Martin


  22. Congratulations Donna. If I’m going to be a loser, I can’t think of anyone else I’d love to lose to (okay, J. Money too!).

    P.S. See you soon in SD.

    • Donna Freedman

      @Kay Lynn: We will both have very, um, interesting giveaways on our sites when we return from BlogHer 2011….

  23. Now A Country Mouse

    Congrats Donna…if any of the give-aways are Jerry Springer episode DVDs please bring one back for Howard.

  24. sandra jensen


  25. Congratulations on winning!! :-)

  26. Hootieman

    Donna, I’m already over halfway towards finishing my Christmas shopping. 😀

  27. So glad you got a ticket! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  28. Congratulations :)!

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