In my most recent Get Rich Slowly column, I offer five tactics to keep from spending money — but I also offer permission to spend.

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Each of us who attended BlogHer 2011 found a “SinuSense” in our conference bags. The best way I can describe it is a turbo neti pot. In a good way.

Made by Waterpik, it provides nasal irrigation quickly and efficiently.  You’ll want to stand over a sink when this happens, by the way, and far from relatives with cell-phone cameras and visions of YouTube stardom.

Why would you want to irrigate your nose? Because the Mayo Clinic says it is “a safe, inexpensive and easy way to relieve symptoms of nasal and sinus congestion,” that’s why.

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I’m so tired. Madeline Kahn said it much more melodically as Lili von Schtupp in “Blazing Saddles,” but all I can do is say it outright.

I’d planned to stay in New York City (at a hostel, of course) for several days after SaveUp 2011. But I cut the trip short when I realized that I was dangerously tired.

Can’t-remember-things tired. Bumping-into-stuff tired. Tired past the point where sleep rests me. My brain feels like a glacier: cold and sluggish and with chunks calving off.

Lately I’ve felt unable to do what I consider good work on Surviving and Thriving. It’s taken everything I’ve got just to meet deadlines for the other three sites for which I write.

In fact, some days I feel like crying when I sit down at the computer. Not a good sign.

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Wish you could have been at the SaveUp 2011 conference. This week’s giveaway provides a little SaveUp vibe. The chicken slingshot is a particularly nice touch.

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Want to be a politician or raise money for a start-up? You need the Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

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