Nope, that’s not SEO bait. It’s the intro to a song parody.

Although I listen only to the classical station, the Lady is ubiquitous enough that even I am familiar with “Bad Romance.”

One day when the tune was stuck in my head, I turned it into a personal finance lesson – and yes, I really do have a PF point to make after the initial silliness.

The following can be sung (if you must) to the tune of the song linked above.

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I spent six butt-numbing hours at the movies on Saturday, watching the Metropolitan Opera’s live broadcast of “Gotterdammerung.” Spectacle, pageantry, a buff and bitchin’ Siegfried who turned out to have a down-home Texas accent – it was a very successful day.

The only thing better than opera is frugal opera. In fact, the show didn’t cost me anything:


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I’ve got a couple of books that will get you started – and I’m giving them away. That means two winners this week.

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Cupid wears a diaper, with no place to put a wallet – but if you’re looking for love there better be pockets on your garments. Deep ones: U.S. residents spent $928 million last year just on dating services.

Love is not only grand, but fiscally prudent. Cohabitation and marriage generally mean two incomes but only one rent/mortgage, fewer nights out on the town, less emphasis on recreational shopping and more focus on shared financial goals.

“There is a real benefit – I call it a financial inoculation against poverty – in being coupled up. You’re better able to withstand tough times,” says Carmen Wong Ulrich, author of “The Real Cost of Living: Making the Best Choices for You, Your Life and Your Money.”

Oh, but the cost of getting to couplehood. Prices for makeup, “manscaping,” marriage vows and mortgages really add up.

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If I were you, I’d let him.

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