By Robert Donovan

You probably didn’t, either. Although winning tickets were sold in several states, odds are they weren’t yours.

The odds really do stink, you know. That’s why some wags call the lottery “a tax on people who are bad at math.”

Going out on a fiscal limb here, but…I don’t think the lottery is so bad.

It’s not that I think the lottery is “good,” i.e., an important part of a balanced financial portfolio. I just think it’s not-so-bad in the way that potato chips are not-so-bad. An occasional handful won’t kill you. If you focus on chips to the exclusion of anything healthy, then you’ve got a problem.

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Chocolate © by Chocolate Reviews

My friend Linda B.’s doctor has advised her to eat an ounce of dark chocolate daily. I wish I could get a prescription like that.

Whoever wins this week’s giveaway will be a healthier person because the prize is a trio of organic, fair-trade chocolate bars made right here in Seattle.

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A loan repaid.

thI got a big surprise in the mail the other day: a check for $850. That’s the amount of the loan I made to a friend 15 months ago, plus the Western Union fee to get it to her.

In fact, it’s $6 more than I sent. I guess I should consider that interest, or maybe bus fare and aspirin.


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Missed calls © by carlos.a.martinez

My biweekly gig at Get Rich Slowly took on the pulpy plague of phone-book bundles. What to do with directories you didn’t ask for and won’t use?

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Or maybe you’d rather have chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies, or both. Or a batch of pralines. Or some brightly iced Easter cookies.

This week’s giveaway is a package of freshly baked goodies shipped to you from Abeeya’s Bakery in Zachary, Louisiana. Head sweetie pie Donna M. Butler offers you a true dilemma: Which of the above-listed goodies to choose?

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