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I’ve got four issues of coupon-heavy All You magazine to give away, along with several other items in the “shopping” family.

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Iowa City bicycle race © by Alan Light

Last year I entered the “Tour de Personal Finance” competition, and won. This year the organizer, Jacob Irwin of My Personal Finance Journey, asked me to enter again.

Which I did — but I forgot to tell anyone. Now the deadline is approaching faster than Lance Armstrong on a rain-slicked downhill.

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I’ve written before about cash-back shopping sites, which offer rebates for buying through the stores you always use. If you use Amazon, certain deals just got a little better.

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the amazing spider-man poster © by marvelousRoland

Last week I neglected to post a giveaway, and swore I’d make it up to you. That’s why there are two prizes this week, both in honor of the re-imagining of the “Spider-Man” franchise.

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Declaring my freedom.

Fireworks © by bayasaa

On Wednesday I read “A message of freedom” over at DailyWorth. It pointed out that “happy Independence Day” could also be read as “happy freedom day,” i.e., the freedom to live the way you want if you take responsibility for your finances.

“Happy freedom to dream differently, choose carefully and slow down a little right now day,” wrote site founder and CEO Amanda Steinberg.

“Declare it. What is your freedom?”

Steinberg’s statement jibed pretty well with what I’ve been mulling over for the past few days: Frugality made me independent and it keeps me that way.

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