FinCon13-Transparent-Logo-500I just got word that I’ve been chosen once more to present a program at the third annual Financial Blogger Conference, which takes place Oct. 17-20 in St. Louis.

But that’s not the reason you should go. Not the only reason, anyway.

If you’re a writer or would like to be a writer, if you’re interested in starting a blog or already have one, or if you’re just plain intrigued by personal finance, then by all means attend FinCon13. And if you sign up by May 31, you’ll pay a lot less.

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thYou may learn something, too, at the “Smart planning for summer travel” Tweetchat on Tuesday, May 21.

From 2 to 3 p.m. EDT, representatives from Ally Bank will offer money-saving info and solicit travel tips from savvy consumers like, well, you.

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Yes, that’s “macarons,” not “macaroons.” The macaron is a meringue-like cookie filled with a jam or cream filling. Sounds nice, right? But wait until you hear how they’re done by the Sucré Sweet Boutiques and Confection Studio, a New Orleans specialty shop that’s sponsoring this week’s giveaway.

One of you is going to get the 15-piece Signature Macaron Collection, whose flavors are almost too good to share.

Pecan, obviously — this is the South. But you’ll also get chocolate, almond, pistachio, strawberry, hazelnut, salted caramel and bananas Foster.


If you win, don’t tell anybody. They’ll just want a bite.

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thLast week I participated in a Tweetchat with Liz Weston, J.D. Roth, MP Dunleavey and other personal finance geeks. One of the questions was, “I’m in my 40s and just started saving. What advice would you give beginners to make the most and try to catch up?”

A flood of 140-character advice poured in, but J.D. Roth summed it up best of all: “The best thing when starting to save late in life is to just DO it. Don’t worry about lost time. Just save.”

Easier said than done, to be sure. But necessary nonetheless.

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thToday is Mother’s Day, a time when many bloggers will wax sentimental about their moms and how they hope they can give their kids the same kind of magic.

Not me. I’m going to talk about regret.

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