Interested in a free gift card?

th1 Interested in a free gift card?Looking to save money during your holiday shopping? Gift Card Granny can help. The aggregator site finds the best deals among the many discounted gift card resellers.

Shopping with a discounted gift card is like having a coupon without an expiration date. You can save anywhere from 2% to 20%, and sometimes more, depending on the retailer.

Gift cards are available for special purchases but also for everyday wants and needs such as groceries, gasoline, toiletries, vitamins, fast food, pet supplies and movie tickets. (My midnight movie jaunts — and their attendant buckets of kettle corn — are a bit more affordable this way.)

I shop with discounted gift cards all year round. Just about any time you check my wallet you’ll find at least one card; right now I have three (Walgreens, McDonald’s and Cinemark). However, these cards are particularly useful during the holidays — and Gift Card Granny is sponsoring a giveaway of a $25 gift card, to help defray your shopping costs.

The winner can take his or her pick from among Amazon, Walgreens, CVS or Starbucks. But this contest is a little different. You get just one chance to win, vs. the usual up-to-five, and you need to do a little work.


  • Visit Gift Card Granny and cruise through any category that interests you, and then
  • Leave a comment with the type of gift card(s) that you find most appealing, whether for everyday necessities or a great big splurge.

Seriously: Entries that do not include at least one type of gift card available at the site will not be considered for the prize. Neither will any entries that follow the usual method, e.g., “I’m a Facebook fan” or “I subscribe to your Twitter feed.” This time only, everybody gets just one chance.

Entries must be received by 10 p.m. PST Tuesday, Dec. 10. If I don’t hear back from the winner by 10 a.m. PST Thursday, Dec. 12, I’ll draw another name.


  1. Restaurants! Eating out is a treat for us. Either, for example, Applebee’s or Olive Garden would be awesome!

  2. Melissa F

    So many great ones to choose from…I would have to say Amazon is the most appealing to me although there are many other great ones! Thanks for letting us know about the giftcardgranny site and for the chance to win.

  3. Christine P

    I like the CVS cards for the challenge aspect. I try to combine a percent off coupon, a manufacturer’s coupon, extra bucks and anything else I can; a discounted gift card would sweeten the deal. :-)

  4. That is an amazing website! I think I have a few dusty gift cards on my desk that I will be trading in. The most useful one for me would be, but Subway or Starbucks would be a nice treat as well!

  5. The health category, cause I can make the money stretch at CVS.

  6. i like stores the best like marshall’s, kohl’s, and target. if i were to win, i would pick amazon.

  7. I’m interested in the Target gift cards because their store brand diapers are cheaper than any others I have found. And I occasionally buy groceries there too.

  8. Lori Miller Woods

    I always get a great bang for my buck at that card would be ideal! Hubs gave me $10 Kohl’s cash when he bought new shoes recently so a Kohl’s card would be great to add to it.

  9. Elizabeth Waniewski

    I love Cabela’s. We have a lot of hunters in the family. Okay, just me, but I love the place. I’d go with that card.

  10. I like the Kohls gift cards. They always have great deals there and you can find lots of great stuff.

  11. Cindy Brooks

    Love that they list the cards alphabetically so I can find what I’m looking for easily! There’s lots of restaurant cards…PF Changs, The Cheesecake Factory, and Starbucks to name a few…that we would use. I really need to start using sites like this!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  12. Barbara A

    I plan to shop at Macys after Christmas, so there were some pretty good deals there.

  13. Interesting site…I thought about what we need and would find the Auto Zone gift cards useful since my car is older and needs auto parts from time to time. But then I spied the Exxon gift cards and figured those would definitely come in handy. My gas bill averages about $150 per month, so those would definitely work for me and save me money. Thanks for the heads up on this site. I will definitely be checking out these gift cards to see how much money I can save myself in the long run. :)

    • Belinda R

      Ok, they also have Great Clips gift cards. A $150 one for $127.50, which would last me more than one year on haircuts. Would definitely consider that too.

  14. I was going to pick one of the more practical stores like CVS where I shop on a weekly basis, but then I saw Maggiano’s Little Italy. That is one of my favorite restaurants, though we don’t get to go very often. It would be a fun splurge.

  15. I find the Shell cards most appealing because it’s always nice to save on gas!

  16. What a cool site…Like the…Auto Zone … and gas cards. The Amazon and Walgreen cards look interesting as well. Thanks for the heads up on this very organized site….Would love to win…

  17. We like to give gift cards. If you buy them now you even get rewarded with an extra one for yourself……Applebee’s, Culvers, just to name a few..

  18. lake livin'

    Target all the way! Although, I thought it was neat that they had Schwans gift cards. I ordered meals from them to send to my mom after her surgery (she lives in another state).

  19. Samantha

    My favorite are restaurant gift cards. Whether for our favorite little joint or a new fancy place, its a great excuse for date night. And I don’t have to feel any little twinge of guilt!

  20. Home Depot because I run a small farm and rescue and rehab old horses and the occasional sheep, goat, cat and dog.
    Amazon or Barnes and Noble because I LOVE to read!

  21. Veronica Adrover

    They have TONS of options, but I’d go with Starbucks for my coffee-loving giftee!

  22. I prefer cards for stores I frequent, like a Safeway. Otherwise, I find that my cards sig in a drawer or my wallet forever, waiting for that perfect item.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I love Amazon because you can get just about anything and combined with our Prime subscription, 2-day shipping is free!

  24. Amazon – love them since there’s always something for everyone and there’s a nice mix of things you want and things you need. Books vs. toilet paper, anyone?

  25. I would pick the victoria’s secret gift card. They sell ugg boots which never go on sale!

  26. My husband and I have an agreement: I do the finances as he can be irresponsible with money. Hence, I am interested in the birthday category so I can give it to him to use for me :) He’d probably like the Amazon one so there would be more to pick from!

  27. I actually LOVE receiving gift cards. And I’d take them to just about anywhere. We dine out a lot (too much) so restaurants are great. I love Subway for lunch, too.

    But an Amazon gift card or credit card would be awesome because it covers just about anything!

    Clothing is nice, too, because it’s something I really don’t buy for myself often.

    I never thought about buying movie gift cards to go myself. Thanks for the tip!

  28. Oh – I would have to say the Chipotle gift card has got my attention! Thanks :)

  29. I guess no Ebay on the website, I would go with

  30. I would appreciate an Amazon card.

  31. For me it would be CVS! It seems so practical, but it would give me a chance to stock up on all those household goods that are needed. And with coupons and the extrabucks, it would definitely go a long way!

  32. ro in sd is my favorite gift card. My mom lives in a distant state and I am always able to get her what she needs with fre shipping too.

  33. Tracy Stone

    It would have to be Amazon. I spend WAY too much there! Not that I’d argue with a Target gift card.

  34. I like the cvs cards which allows me to get a discount on my prescriptions.

  35. They all look good! We have a Marshalls not too far away but I think I’m at CVS more. That would be the practical one. CVS or Home Depot (my home away from home for all my real home projects)!

  36. I enjoyed seeing all the grocery card choices. I would love to win one at Dean & Deluca or Whole Foods. Either one would be a huge treat. They are stores that I very rarely get to shop in as they aren’t in the budget these days. It would be great to shop in either one at this time of year. Thanks Donna for your generosity to all of your readers. I enjoy your writing so much! It is very helpful.

  37. I would love a Kohl’s card. Clothes for the kiddo’s are always needed..

  38. Chris B.

    AMC Theater would be my choice, so I could take my kids to a movie instead of waiting for it to come in at the library on DVD!!

  39. I’ve used Gift Card Granny before and I especially like the health section. I’d opt for a CVS or Walgreens gift card because I shop at both places frequently.

  40. I’d probably buy one for Target or a grocery store, since I’m guaranteed to be able to spend it and not just forget about the card in my wallet.

  41. Kelly Sangree

    Omigosh, they have Joann’s and IKEA! I’d end up getting amazon, though – you can find everything on amazon.

  42. Efficient Engineer

    I’d love gift cards to grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s and Safeway.

  43. Anna Wheeler

    Rite Aid gift cards are my favorite. I buy them all year long, Rite Aid is where I do most of my couponing. I love to add to the savings with cards from

  44. lostAnnfound

    It’s a difficult, but if I had to choose one it would be Walgreen’s. I’m there at least a couple times a month and get everything from batteries to medications to makeup for the girls to cashews (love their store brand).

  45. Cool Idea and you made me spend too much time on Granny’s site!
    First I’d go for a Disney Store Card, but they didn’t have a $25 one available – will they combine a 10+15?

    Then I looked at Urban Outfitters but when I clicked through to check out the card available it’s an ebay seller that is brand new, so not an order I would place. This highlighted for me that you do have to do a little bit of legwork to ensure you are making a smart choice. Granny is an aggregator, so it makes the search convenient, but you are still buying from someone else in the end, so need to be a smart consumer and check them out.

    I guess I would like to see some sort of Reputation Rating incorporated in the GCGranny site to help indicate the successful purchase/use of discounted cards from their sources.

    Oh, and I have to wonder what the deal is with Whole Foods Gift Cards – they are like 1%-2% discount. Do people buy cards that aren’t really discounted? I’d go to WF direct before fussing with an unknown seller for a 1 or 2% discount. Am I silly for not wanting to introduce risk for a tiny discount?

  46. A Walmart’s gift card, definitely. I can get groceries, household supplies and gas all in one spot. Because I’m currently working as a temp and money’s tight, I could really use one of these.

  47. I’d choose one from because I like to buy used books from various small sellers, and also kitchen stuff occasionally or food in bulk. Thanks for the opportunity to win one, Donna!

  48. Barbara Downes

    starbucks gift cards

  49. Carol Crosby

    I found 2 cards for Aerosoles – and I’d be happy with either one. I have a special event coming up just after the 1st of the year, and I will need new shoes to go with my old refurbished dress. I’ve got my eye on a pair of Aerosoles at my local store….am hoping they go on sale after Christmas. Then, if I can use a discounted gift card, I would be in shoe heaven!

  50. The Walmart card. Soon to be a single mom again and thrifty shopping will be a necessity! Thank you for the opportunity it’s much appreciated :D

  51. They have Whole Foods gift cards! I’m all over that.

  52. I would like Home Depot we are always needing card for home improvement

  53. Definitely the grocery stores. I’m impressed that they have ones for Sprouts.

  54. CVS, because free necessities really saves $. Also love Sephora because it’d be like a guilt-free splurge. Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. OMG I just realized something the other day. I could buy an Autozone gift card(That’s my pick BTW) using my rewards credit card at a discount gift card site. Then I could use the gift card coupled along with one of their sales. I wish I had thought of that before we redid DJ’s motor. I could have saved a ton.
    I don’t think that I could get any more out of a deal, do you?

    • Donna Freedman

      There’s one more way: If the best deal on a gift card is through either Cardpool or Raise, access them through a cash-back shopping site such as Mr. Rebates, FatWallet or Extrabux.
      Not a cash-back member? See more info (and my referral links!) at:

  56. I love Cracker Barrel, so that would be the one that I would pick.
    If I win the contest, it would be for Amazon because I love the variety of things to choose from.

  57. I take my parents to eat at Dairy Queen every weekend. It is not my choice of where I would eat. A Dairy Queen gift card would be very useful to me for that reason. I really don’t like spending money at a place where I don’t want to go.

  58. I’d love a Whole Foods gift card–it’s a great store and would appreciate a “splurge” there, even if it’s just groceries!

  59. Almost any gifts cards are great!! We’ve had a rough year financially, and almost anything would be a treat or useful. I can think of so many–restaurants, CVS, Walmart, Amazon….anything.

  60. I would like a Southwest card, so that I could pull a Calgon, and take me away. Or County Buffet/Ryans, because we do have a Ryans in our town. Or a gas card, because I spend $100 per week, just to get back and forth to work. Cool site; my first time there. Thanks for broadening my horizons and taking me out of my comfort zone.

  61. A Dick’s or Sports Authority card from sports would be good. At an average 10.7% discount, I could get a good deal on running gear.

  62. I am all about the movie gift cards. Movies are so expensive to see in the theaters so anything that helps defray the costs are fabulous. Also I am digging the discount on the Yankee Candle gift cards! Might have to grab one of those for myself and save it for their semi-annual sale!

  63. I usually check out the discounted cards for restaurants. I’ve gotten some pretty good deals for Benihana. This time I checked out Lowes and found the discount for home improvement stores is not nearly as lucrative as for restaurants. Sigh… so much for my next home improvement using discounted cards. MyPoints it is…

  64. Samantha

    Target! Good for groceries, good for everything!

  65. I’d probably use kohls or amazon gift cards the most.

  66. Walmart because I shop there all the time anyways.

  67. Either CVS, Meijer, or Amazon. Between the three, all of our household needs are pretty covered!

  68. Thanks Donna. I would like a Home Depot or Amazon.

  69. I’ve been buying Michael’s GCs lately for our wedding crafting. Managed to get our aisle decor done in under $20, unlike the $100 the venue would have charged us! But usually I try to find GCs for anything I’m going to have to spend money on anyway: as gifts for people (H&M, Michael’s, Nordstrom, SpaFinder etc.). I remember you recommended Gift Card Granny a while back, possibly on my own blog about massages!

  70. Great giveaway! I could definitely use a walmart, target or restaurant gift card.

  71. I would love a gift card to Applebee’s! Great place and great food!

  72. Amazon or Walmart gift cards are almost as god as cash in my hands. Specifically though, I’m in the market for a new piece of luggage, and Ross seems to have some good deals – so a Ross card would be especially helpful right now!

  73. I must confess that Smashburger is a guilty pleasure for my family. I may need to pick a few of these up!

  74. Target for sure! I buy almost all of our home goods there.

  75. I’m originally from MN (where Target began) so Target has been my fave for years!

  76. I love either (huge wish list!) or because I use my debit redcard to get 5% plus free shipping.

  77. angela stewart

    Target. Target. Target.

  78. mrs. short

    I see myself going two ways… A nice Justice card for my 11-year old fashion-forward niece, or a nice Target gift card for myself. Oh, maybe Chipotle for the hubby :)

  79. Definitely CVS. I’m thinking of how far I could stretch that with coupons and ECB.

  80. Kristen P

    The itunes gift cards look the most appealing. My boyfriend is a music lover and is always buying music so this would go to him.

  81. An amazon gift crd would be an amazing win, so many options there :)

  82. Stacie H.

    I’d love one to Lowe’s. I’m also going there for household essentials so a GC would be lovely!

  83. Athena Rayner

    I would be very happy top have an Amazon gift card so I could give it to my daughter and she could get some new books for her kindle.


  84. Ooh so many to choose from, what a great website! A Starbucks gift card would be lovely for my coffee loving husband, but I wouldn’t mind a Target gift card to give to a nearby women’s shelter. :) Thanks so much for this contest giveaway. Happiest of holidays everyone! Stay warm and beautiful.

  85. Yvonne Wilder

    Amazon or Walgreens or Target or PetSmart — all of these are regular places I shop so a card would be fantastic! I’ve finished xmas shopping for 3 kids so, even with lots of trift store finds to wrap, we are going to be on a tight budge for a couple months! I didn’t know about this card re-sale deal. Thanks for the tip!

  86. I would enjoy an Amazon gift card to use for both luxuries and necessities.

  87. I would to have an Amazon card to give to my grandson or buy a book for me.

  88. I would really like an Amazon gift card. I love to read — it was my favorite of the 3R’s in school.

  89. Gayle Erwin

    I like getting gift cards for places like to shop but can’t unless I’m really treating myself. So places like Sur La Table, Starbucks and Tiffany’s are great if I would win. Otherwise one from Wendy’s would be great. I love their very affordable small chili.

  90. Eric the K

    CVS, so I could combine the dicounted gift card with Extra Care Bucks…

  91. Restaurants!

  92. Kathy Mayin

    Wow, so many choices. Thank you for introducing this site to us.

    I would pick Starbucks. I have an elderly friend that I meet with once a week and we watch “The Good Wife” together every Wednesday. I always bring drinks from Starbucks, our once a week treat. It would be so appreciated.

    Also, Amazon is a fav because I usually buy things from my out of state grandsons from them.

    Thanks, again!

  93. Amazon for sure. That way I can shop for things not available in my small town without having to drive all over creation.

  94. I’d love to win an Amazon gift card!

  95. Definitely CVS so I can combine coupons with extrabucks and wind up with free stuff!

  96. Starbucks to use for a stocking stuffer for my daughter, the doctor-to-be. She stops by for an afternoon chai any day she can, and as hard as she’s working, she deserves it!

  97. Not sure which card I’m supposed to tell you I’d want. If purchasing from Gift Card Granny: Petco because I shop there and purchasing a gift card here would be an automatic discount! For the contest: Amazon for my DH who now has a kindle and can’t stop purchasing books!

  98. Taking the Journey

    Okay, as first-time grandparents-to-be, Bed Bath & Beyond. We just used cards we had at Buy Buy Baby and bought the car seat they wantd. We not only used the gift cards gotten through credit card rewards, but a coupon, as well. I AM a frugalista! Yay!

  99. Hi Donna, I was looking at the GiftCard Granny website & thought a Great Clips card would be handy to have in my purse whenever I needed a new do, but I think an Amazon GC would be great for gift giving! Thanks.

  100. sue steiner

    I love Target gift cards and CVS is also a favorite!

  101. I’d love either an airline (Southwest, United) or Whole Foods since there’s one literally around the corner from our apartment. I try to stay out of there, but sometimes convenience wins out. Plus their meat and seafood really does seem to be higher quality.

  102. I love Amazon. I’ve been buying a lot of Christmas gifts from them as well as books, kitchen supplies, supplements, ebooks, CDs and more books.

  103. Cindy Williamson

    Always in need of restaurant gift cards that I can use along with my restaurant coupons!

  104. Looking through, I really like using the cvs gift cards. Nice mix of “Oh, nuggets, I’m almost out of shampoo” and “I love this shade of lipstick and I have coupons and extrabucks and it’ll get me extra bucks! Win!”

  105. A Carter’s gift card would be wonderful! Our little one keeps growing (who knew they did that?! (; ), and their onesies are the best!

  106. Amazon! Yes!

  107. i would say beauty gift cards like sephora because sephora rarely have promotion

  108. Charlotte Brantley

    Sephora please, greatest makeup ever.

  109. Gift cards are my excuse to indulge vices, so I’d probably opt for either Starbucks/Caribou coffee cards or a card for beauty products like Sephora.

    Thanks for pointing me to this site!


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