A giveaway for pirate fans (not the ones who live in Pittsburgh).

Pirate © by fuzzcat

If International Talk Like a Pirate Day did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it – just so that I could have this particular giveaway.

By all means follow the above link so that you’ll be conversant with what the buccaneer wannabes will be doing on Sept. 19. (Hint: It has to do with talking like a pirate.)

Then, mateys, feast your eyes on the two-part prize:

“Pirate Attack!”: This works on the same principle as the Chicken Chucker and Love Gun toys that I’ve included in previous giveaways. It’s a small catapult that promises to launch pirates up to 15 feet. Four little plastic freebooters are included, one of whom has a hook for a hand and one of whom may be Anne Bonney.

Pirate Haiku: Bilge-Sucking Poems of Booty, Grog and Wenches for Scurvy Sea Dogs.” Who says that poetry is only for the effete? Here are a few samples:


You get a lot of

promotions on pirate ships,

due to mutinies.


Grog hangovers may

be one thing that can explain

pirate surliness.


Pirates steal because

they don’t have regular jobs

with a pension plan.


I’ve pirated years

and known just one Buccaneer.

He was from Tampa.


To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The entry deadline is 9 p.m. PDT Monday, Sept. 17. The winner must respond by 9 p.m. PDT Tuesday, Sept. 18. If you enter, check your e-mail. Me hearties.

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  1. Shiver me timbers!

  2. Ro in San Diego

    Arrgh! This giveaway is shivering me timbers! I would love to win this for my husband who dressed like a pirate as recently as July! I subscribe by email

  3. Ro in San Diego

    Arrgh! I also follow you on Facebook.

  4. I know exactly who to send this to!

  5. …And thanks for an extra chance (RSS subscriber).

  6. The haiku about mutiny-driven promotions is quite compelling. Maybe I need to work on a pirate ship.

  7. ImJuniperNow

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh alright, matey! I know all about pirates from watching “Patchy” on SpongeBob. I’ll have a parrot sitting on my shoulder and be ready to win!

  8. thanks for the chance matey!

  9. average guy

    Modern-day piracy says, “I have some mortgage-back derivatives to sell you.”

  10. I have enjoyed this particular day for about 10 years! Arrrrrr!

  11. Sailing the Ocean
    Taking bounty and booty
    And drinking the rum

  12. i subscribe via email

  13. i follow via twitter and facebook

  14. Good booty!

  15. Todd Helmkamp

    I’d love that Haiku book!

  16. Such fun! Sign me up for piratey hijinks! (And thank you for the chance.)

  17. Would love this for my brother-in-law – you never saw a grown man so into pirates 🙂

  18. This be booty I need!

  19. Pirates!

  20. Sandra Gonzales

    Love your giveaways.

  21. Sandra Gonzales

    I’m a twit for you on twitter.

  22. Sandra Gonzales

    I stalk you on FB too.

  23. arrgg, my boys would love this.

  24. I’m an email subscriber. This was a cure post 🙂

  25. Elisabeth

    Thank goodness for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! 😉

  26. Elisabeth

    I’m subscribed through RSS.

  27. Elisabeth

    I’m following on twitter @egood33

  28. Aye, captain! Plunder the shipping conainters if she does not send it to us forthwith!

  29. Leann Lindeman

    I love pirate stuff!!! So fun!

  30. Leann Lindeman

    Following on Facebook.


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