A travel Tweetchat and more.

thHope you’ll join me Wednesday morning for a Tweetchat sponsored by GoBankingRates and CheapOair.

I’m attending as a guest blogger and will help provide tips on topics like low-cost student travel abroad, sticking to a travel budget, booking bargain travel, and low-cost Memorial Day activities.

You can ask questions or answer the ones posed, if you have tips to share. The chat takes place from 11 a.m. to noon PDT. Use the hashtag #COAChat.

Sorry to have maintained radio silence since last week. The weather has been glorious, which is distracting enough, but the unseasonable warmth sent the pollen count through the roof. (Think: a “high” reading times 270.) The sneezing and asthmatic wheezing, plus a couple of deadlines and ongoing anxiety caused by my daughter’s latest pregnancy, have kept me from achieving much.

Or from getting those fifth anniversary giveaway prizes out. Please be patient! Some are en route and the rest should leave here by Friday, the first day of summer vacation for my great-nephews. They’re spending the day here while their mother, an elementary school teacher, finishes up. I’ll enlist their help with any remaining mailing.

The best and the worst

Two more PF tidbits:

The mortgage and consumer loan information company HSH.com has updated its “The Salary You Must Earn to Buy a Home” report. Two new cities, Detroit and Pittsburgh, have been added. The company derived the numbers using data from the National Association of Realtors and its own first-quarter average interest rates for 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages.

Least and most expensive cities are no surprise: Cleveland ($29,788.67) and San Francisco ($137,129.55). Anchorage didn’t make the cut; use the link above to see if your own metro area is listed.

However, the Last Frontier is prominent in MoneyRates.com’s annual “Best and Worst States for Banking” survey. That is to say, we’re among the best of the worst: Alaska is the No. 46 on the list and No. 1 in the “customer satisfaction” sub-category. But at least we’re not Nevada, Arizona, Connecticut or Washington state, which were the worst of the worst.

MoneyRates.com bases its ratings on stability, quality of service, breadth of choice and competitive rates. The five best states in which to bank are Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Massachusetts and California. To see where your state ranks, click the above link.

Myself, I’ve had no problems thus far with Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. Long may that continue.

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  1. Nancy

    Why is Cleveland so low-cost comparatively? Fewer jobs?
    Just wondering at the huge difference (I’m from Europe).

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