Amazon cards and more at AGSL anniversary.

thI’d like to introduce you to an interesting website called A Gai Shan Life, run by the pseudonymous Revanche (love that name). She’s been producing AGSL for 10 years.

Ten. Years. An entire decade. Do you know how many bloggers quit after a year, or even sooner than that? (Hint: Lots of them.)

As she puts it, her site is “a senior in dog years, starts fifth grade in kid years, or could retire as a centenarian in blog years.”

The blog defies easy description. It’s a thoughtful mix of topics, including but not limited to lifestyle, personal finance, working world, chronic-illness and, more recently, parenthood.

Revanche has a serious health condition and has spent the past 10 years finishing her education, supporting her parents and brother, paying off her family’s debts, starting her own career, getting married and having a child. Somehow she has also managed to keep a blog afloat.

You should go read her. And just in case you need more incentive than my recommendation, how about this: Her 10th blogoversary giveaway features a chance to win some pretty swell prizes.


The treats up for grabs are:

Three goodies from the For Profit Blogging site: the “On Your Mark, Get Set, Blog!” course; the “How To Make Your Own Image Templates For Pinterest” course and a $50 Amazon card

Three also from Budgeting In The Fun Stuff: a pair of e-books (“How I Make Money Blogging” and “Managing Your Monthly Nut”) plus a $20 Amazon card


And three from me: a copy of “Frugality For Depressives: Money-Saving Tips For Those Who Find Life A Little Harder,” a copy of “Your Playbook For Tough Times: Living Large On Small Change, For The Short Term Or The Long Haul” (which really is on the way – I promise!) and an hour of blog coaching (which can be arranged any way you like; this prize also comes with a 50-percent-off coupon for the Write A Blog People Will Read course)


What about those Amazon cards?

Also being given away are:

$25 Target gift card (sponsored by Mr. Rebates)

$25 Amazon gift card (sponsored by Rockstar Finance)

$100 Amazon gift card (sponsored by Club Thrifty)

$100 Amazon gift card (sponsored by the Plutus Awards)

Quite the lineup, huh?

To enter this giveaway, head over to A Gai Shan Life before Sept. 4 and throw your hat in the ring – and you can do this more than one way. Stick around afterwards to read her work, then bookmark the site.

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  1. Revanche is one of my favorite bloggers. She’s a great, introspective writer. And the crap she’s dealt with — health problems AND helping her parents financially — is pretty astounding.

    Everyone should read her, but at the very least they should go enter!

  2. Jodi krinkie

    Excited to read your blogs

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