Another shot at the “Tundra” calendar.

IMG_20150503_130130A couple of weeks back I gave away a 2016 calendar created by “Tundra” artist Chad Carpenter. Or would have, if the winner hadn’t been from Canada.

Not that I have anything against our brethren to the north (or, in my case, to the east). It’s just that mailing the calendar would have been ridiculously expensive.

That’s why I note that winners from outside the United States will receive a gift card instead of mailable items. In this case, I sent the reader a $15 Amazon.ca card.

Which means, of course, that the calendar is still up for grabs. So is a $50 gift card of your choice from the Swagbucks shop. But first things first.

The response is always great whenever I give away anything from “Tundra.” And why not? Chad’s off-kilter work is syndicated in more than 600 publications worldwide. The guy is funny. So is his new movie (see below).

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday, May 26. If I don’t hear back from the winner by 7 p.m. PDT Wednesday, May 27, I’ll pull another name. And again: Due to the high cost of international shipping, winners from outside the U.S. will receive a gift card.


‘Moose’ heads south!

As noted in the original giveaway article, Chad and his brother (and a decent percentage of the town of Wasilla) have created a film called “Moose: The Movie.” Just wanted to let you know that it’s coming to the Lower 48 as well as to several more Alaska locations. As of today the screening schedule looks like this:

Aberdeen, Wash.: Starts May 29 at SouthShore Mall Cinema

Chehalis, Wash.: Starts May 29 at Midway Cinema

Eureka, Calif.: Now playing at Broadway Cinema

Grants Pass, Ore.: Now playing at SouthGate Cinema

Klamath Falls, Ore.: Now playing at Pelican Cinema

McMinnville, Ore.: Starts May 29 at McMinnville Cinema

North Bend, Ore.: Now playing at Pony Village Cinema

Tacoma: June 5-11, Blue Mouse Theater

Alaska readers can catch it four places:

Anchorage: Now playing at the Regal Tikahtnu

Fairbanks: Now playing at the Regal Goldstream

Homer: May 30 at the Homer Theatre

Wasilla: Playing through May 28 at The Valley Cinema


Hey, want a $50 gift card?

There’s still another week left to enter the Swagbucks $50 gift card giveaway. In order to enter you must:

  • Be a Swagbucks member (if you aren’t, hope you’ll use my referral link to join)
  • Earn at least 25 Swag Bucks (SBs) before 7 p.m. Friday, May 29
  • Leave a comment on the original post, signed with your Swagbucks user name, explaining what card you’d cash in for and why.

In this particular giveaway you can enter only once. Be sure to do it before the deadline noted above, and be sure to include your Swagbucks user name. A couple of people forgot and had to come back and add that info.

Seriously: You can’t win unless there’s a way to confirm you earned the requisite 25 SBs, and the only way to do that is through your user name.

I love gift-card giveaways. Thanks to Swagbucks for sponsoring this one.

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  1. Holly S

    One more try for the calendar – can always use one of those.

    Wish the movie would venture further than the Pacific NW. Would be nice to see it here in the mid-west.

  2. jestjack

    Would love to have the calendar. And your right this guy is really funny….

  3. Tina in NJ

    Another chance at the calendar? Yes, please!

  4. Linda

    My 9 year old great nephew would love this calendar for his birthday or Christmas. I just know it!

  5. Linda

    Receive your emails!

  6. Linda

    Follow on Twitter

  7. Linda

    Like on Facebook

  8. Laure

    This calendar would be an ideal gift for a specific niece or nephew. Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  9. Laure

    I follow you on Twitter.

  10. Laure

    I subscribe via email.

  11. Janine

    love website

  12. kathy

    Perhaps this will be my lucky day!!! Would love another shot at this!


  13. kathy

    Oh yes, forgot to let you know that I subscribe to your blogs..follow all your emails.

  14. Tracy Stone

    Looks like fun, and I won’t have to buy a calendar!
    Thanks for the giveaways!

  15. Ellie

    Would love the calendar!

  16. Catherine Shafer

    I love Chad Carpenter and everything Tundra! I hope this movie is available to us (in Tennessee) soon.

  17. Derek

    Love Tundra and the Tundra calendars! Looking forward to seeing “Moose” tonight in SLC!

  18. Bill Ricks

    I love Tundra comics

  19. Yay! Tundra!

    • Robin

      I will take another chance at the calendar! Put my name in. Thanks!

  20. Debbie Costle

    I love Tundra comics!

  21. Don’t have a calendar for 2016 yet. Not many places give them away anymore. Would be great to line one up early. Thanks.

  22. Debbie Brent

    I know Chad personally! He IS a very funny guy, famous now, and it is so cool that I know him!

  23. Brett Newsom

    I met Chad Carpenter when I visited Alaska, and fell in love with his humor. I would love the calendar. Please enter me. Thanks.

  24. Catseye

    I love a Tundra calendar!

  25. Pedro

    Maybe I will be lucky this time. Thank you for the chance.

  26. Pedro

    I subscribe via email.

  27. I would enjoy this calendar and be ahead of the game for 2016.

  28. Marguerite

    I live by my calendar so would love to win it and be prepared so early!

  29. Jill Wilson

    Tundra calendars brighten my day everyday…they’re funny too!

  30. willee Andersen

    Went and saw Moose the Movie, still can’t stop laughing. Great job to everyone on making the movie.

  31. Cathy in NJ

    Tundra, yes please:)

  32. Sherry

    I’d love that calendar!! 🙂

  33. Carolina Cooper

    Just barely under the wire, but I would love to have the calendar. i follow your blog here.

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