Atlanta bound! Let’s have a meet-up.

thEarlier this week I was stumping for a Seattle breakfast buddy (or lunch pal), because I’ll be at Sea-Tac on Tuesday on my way to Atlanta. There I’ll be visiting the lovely and talented Beverly Harzog and hanging out with some other writers if we can swing it.

Generally I like to do reader meet-ups when I travel, too. So who’s available on Saturday, Feb. 27?


My hostess lives in an Atlanta suburb near the North Point Mall, which apparently has a big food court. (And a carousel!) My current plan is to be there from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., hanging out in the food court with my laptop. If no one can make it, I’ll get work done.

But if you can make it, then let’s talk. The topics are limited only by our imaginations. (Well, that and good taste: This is a public venue, after all.)

It’s great fun to meet people with whom I’ve had only virtual conversations. Hope to see you there. I’ll be the middle-aged bottle blonde with purple glasses and a MacBook.

Also a slightly haggard look: Not only is there a four-hour time difference, Beverly and I have plans. Chick flicks will be viewed. At least one personal finance blogger happy hour is likely. Late-night bull sessions about writing and lifeitsownself will take place; she’s already bought the Diet Coke and champagne.

Hope we can say “hi” in person. If you can’t make it that day, I might also be able to do a breakfast or lunch session during the week because Beverly has offered to let me use a car. Bless her heart. I am totally buying her a carousel ride.

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  1. Make Do Mom

    The “bless her heart” tells me you’re already gearing up for your stop in the deep south. See you there!

    • Donna Freedman

      My mom’s from Tennessee, so I come by it honestly. Then again, my paternal grandmother who never left New Jersey said “bless (whoever’s) heart.” Both of them meant it in the non-catty way.

  2. I totally want that carousel ride, LOL! My kids rode on it when they were young. Lots of great memories. And, wow, you’ve already got Southern lingo down, bless your heart! 🙂

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