Big news from Swagbucks.

ImageProxyRegular readers know that I’m a fan of the Swagbucks rewards program, which randomly awards points (“Swag Bucks”) for searches and also gives out rewards for watching videos, playing games, shopping and other activities.

As of March 2 the rewards redemption process will morph slightly – a change I believe is to the good.

Currently you can get a $5 Amazon gift card (my personal favorite) for 450 points. As of March 2 that particular scrip will cost what other five-dollar cards cost: 500 points. However, you’ll be able to redeem one $25 gift card of your choice (except for PayPal and gasoline brands) every month for just 2,200 points.

Here’s how that shakes down for me: Normally I redeem five of the $5 cards for 2,250 points. Starting March 2 I can order a single $25 card for 50 points less. I’m OK with that. In addition, the program is removing the current monthly limit of five $5 Amazon cards per month.

Note that Amazon isn’t the only choice for that discounted $25 card. Other popular options include Target, Visa, Starbucks, eBay, Best Buy, CVS and Wal-Mart. For a full list, see the Rewards Store section of the Swagbucks site.

Another option that starts March 2 is a $3 Amazon card for 300 SBs, which is the same ratio as a $5 card for 500 SBs (unless, of course, you save ’em up and cash in at 2,200). The program plans to offer low-denomination cards for other popular brands in the coming year.

If you’re not already a member, I hope you’ll join using my referral code. Do it now and start earning.

Seriously: I paid for a nice chunk of holiday shopping with Amazon GCs from Swagbucks, and earlier this month I “bought” some health-related items free of charge thanks to this program. Yesterday I cashed in points to get $20 worth of buying power at The Cracker Barrel, so I can treat my daughter to lunch when she picks me up in Phoenix next month.

And if you are already a member? Hope you’re as excited about the 2,200 = $25 as I am. That would mean I’m not the only freebie geek out there.

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  1. Did you mean a $5 Amazon card is 450 SB, going up to 500?

  2. Donna Freedman

    Yes, the $5 card (currently discounted at 450) is going up to 500, the cost of the other $5 cards. That’s a bit of a bummer for those who order one card at a time.
    But if you can possess your soul in patience and wait until your points have accrued to 2,200 then you can redeem a $25 Amazon card for that amount (vs. the 2,250 it would normally cost to redeem five $5 cards). That is my plan.

  3. I think Kellly is pointing out a bit of a typo in your post. In the paragraph starting with “Currently” shouldn’t it read – $5 Amazon cards currently cost 450 SwagBucks (not 2250) but are going up to 500 (not 2500) and $25 cards will be going down to 2200 Swagbucks? In essence, that is what is happening if I read the Swagbucks blog correctly. The $5 have been my favorites too.

  4. I AM excited! My time in front of the computer will be pretty limited for a while so a little bit more savings for the price of a bit of patience? That works just fine for me. 🙂

  5. I use to use swagbucks website so I get the excitement. I’ll have to look into this and maybe start giving Swagbucks some love again.

  6. I’m not a patient person so this is a bit of a sour pill for me. I like getting those $5 gift cards and using them right away.

    • Donna Freedman

      I like getting the fivers and stashing them until I need something, but I guess I’ll learn to adapt. Since, um, what would be the alternative?

  7. How does everyone get so many, so fast? I seem to be missing something. It took me forever to get enough points for a 5.00 card. Is there a secret i’m not aware of? I LOVE free!!

    • Donna Freedman

      Referring friends will get you bonus points, but the big winners (those who boast of getting two or three thousand per day) do surveys and play games.
      If you download the Swagbucks toolbar it will notify you whenever there’s a Swag Code, or you can just check the Facebook page from time to time.
      The “Shop and Earn” section gives you points for buying stuff you might need anyway, from department stores, drugstores and even Amazon.
      Check your inbox for offers. Most of these I just delete but I do all the “Watch and Earn” ones — for watching a video that lasts from 15 seconds to a couple of minutes will get you extra points.
      Again, the big wins are in surveys and games. I sometimes get accepted for surveys and get anywhere from 100 to 350 points.
      Good luck!

  8. I mostly opt for Paypal cashouts & put the cash towards whatever goal I’m working on, i.e. right now I’m saving to get my first passport.

    • Donna Freedman

      What a thrifty way to do this. Any trips planned yet?

      • My DREAM vacation to England (+ Scotland & Amsterdam) May 2016! I’m meticulously planning the itinerary to make sure I get the most bang for my buck! Didn’t you travel there/blog about it?

        • Donna Freedman

          Yep. I would suggest staying in hostels and using the Megabus (which you can take from London to Amsterdam, I believe).

          • I like hostels. Stayed in one in Portland, and again this June in Chicago. However, I usually opt for a private room since I’m a light sleeper & carry some pricey photography equipment. It’s still significantly cheaper than a regular hotel room.

            I scoured London accommodations reviews & prices (hostels, hotels, B&Bs) & decided on a ‘pay as you use’ budget hotel. VERY small private rooms (fine by me & the BF). You only pay for services you want, i.e. wifi, TV, towels, even a window lol. You do however get your own bathroom & a comfy bed. By doing so I can stay in a prime location for a fraction of the cost.

            Thanks for the Megabus tip, I’ll check it out! As of now, we had planned to use the tube & Eurostar.

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