Big point bonuses at the Swagbucks holiday sale.

Yep, holiday posts two days in a row and it’s not even Black Friday. Before you regard me as part of the problem, let me say that:

I always preach intentional spending during the holidays, and

I regularly suggest ways to spend intentionally, such as using cash-back shopping sites, buying early and paying with discounted gift cards.

Today I’m talking about a fourth intentional-spending category: rewards programs. In this case, that’s shopping through the Swagbucks rewards website.

Right now Swagbucks is offering heightened rewards for buying décor, gifts, special foods, airline tickets and other holiday-related items. A few examples of points (SBs) per dollar spent:

Amazon, 7 SBs (normally 3)

Avon, 8 SBs (normally 3)

Expedia, 11 SBs (normally 2); Travelocity, 8 SBs (normally 1 SB)

Jane.com, 14 SBs (normally 1)

Priceline, 10 SBs (normally 2)

Nike, 9 SBs (normally 1); Adidas, 8 SBs (normally 1)

Hotels.com, 8 SBs (normally 2)

Wal-Mart, 7 SBs per $1 spent (normally 1 SB)

Visit the I Heart Holidays page to see all the rewards, which are good through Nov. 11. Shop through the links provided and get those SBs, which you can trade in for gift cards to (a) stretch your holiday budget or (b) trade in for gift cards to stretch your personal budget.

Option (b) leads me to option (c): You can trade in SBs for cold, hard cash in the form of PayPal. As few as 2,200 points will get you $25. Your emergency fund will thank you.

Another holiday bonus: I just learned that if you join through my referral code or have joined through it this month you can get a one-time bonus of 200 SBs by spending $25 or more in any of those Swagbucks Shop stores before Dec. 1.


Other ways to earn

Shopping isn’t the only way to get SBs, though. You can also get points for activities like searching the web, entering Swag Codes (which I post on the Surviving and Thriving Facebook page every time I find them), watching videos, taking surveys and referring others.

If you’re not already a Swagbucks user, I hope you’ll join using my referral code. Doing so helps support my work on this blog. Even if you don’t use the link, I hope you’ll join anyway.

Full disclosure: I rarely shop through Swagbucks because I don’t buy much stuff. Yet even an armchair minimalist like me can earn enough points through other activities to cash in for a $25 Amazon gift card every month, and when I visit my daughter I cash in for restaurant gift cards so we can enjoy meals out.

Each year a good chunk of my birthday and holiday gifting is paid for with those Amazon gift cards. I also use them to buy special items for our kitchen, such as quinoa and ground flaxseed. The quinoa is particularly nice, as it’s got a lot of protein and is easy to cook – and a small bag of the stuff costs $10 here in Anchorage. (That doggoned Alaska gouge.)

So again: I strongly suggest you join this program – if not through my link, then by going to the Swagbucks home page and signing up there. Even if all you do is search the web, why not get a little reward for doing so?


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