Blog roundup: Cartesian dualism edition.

You’ve got to love a blogger who can work the phrase “Cartesian dualism” into a post. In this case the blogger is my daughter, Abigail Perry, and the article is about us both. (But mostly her.)

Don’t let the title “Glorifying my mom (who’s glorifying me)” fool you. It’s not an exercise in mutual admiration, although I do admire the hell out of her. The post is about her re-reading “You can’t even tell perfect bodies apart,” a post I wrote about Abby’s near-fatal illness, and then reflecting on who she was then and who she is now.

The rest of the roundup isn’t nearly as sniffle-inducing.

Hello, my name is… at The Art of Non-Conformity

Smartphones make me feel stupid at Neurotic Workaholic

5 things you shouldn’t have to pay for at Financially Fit

Are your car and your freedom the same thing? at Notes For My Next Life

The lowly dollar at A Mom, Money and More

6 tips for tracking finances when self-employed at Christian PF

I’m not her anymore at Becky Blanton

10 reasons not to buy an iPad for a college student at DealNews

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  1. I love the I’m not her anymore piece. Her advice to ask “What’s different now?” is so obvious, it’s brilliant.

  2. Now A Country Mouse

    Thanks for this list…I loved “The Lowly Dollar” post…pretty much sums up our summer this year and we are having a blast.

  3. Thanks for the mention! I think I finally figured out all the features on my cell phone now. And it only took me about three months. 🙂

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