Carnival knowledge. Also: A new way to subscribe.

Remodeling This Life hosts the Festival of Frugality blog carnival this week. The hostess, Emily, chose my “The wedding gift as price of admission” as an Editor’s Pick.

This is my obligatory link to the carnival — but also a chance for readers to browse a wide array of topics, from “Frugal sick days” to “The international restaurant tipping guide.”

You might be as tickled as I was to read what Emily’s 5-year-old daughter did with the money she made at the yard sale.

Home delivery

The lovely and talented Matt at the Promoting Group has updated the Surviving and Thriving home page to include an e-mail subscription option.

If you don’t do Google Reader et al., it’s now possible to get updates sent to your inbox. Fresh, hot copy every day — and since delivery is free, you won’t need that international tipping guide.

Sign up now and you’ll never miss another chocolate giveaway.

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