Coupons.com wants to give you a $100 Amazon card.

XMAS_BLOGGIFT_MOM_FINA couple of dozen bloggers were given the chance to participate in the Coupons.com Holiday Sweepstakes. I’m happy to be among them because of the possibility that one of my readers will be chosen as the winner of a $100 gift card to Amazon.com.

The contest is designed to call attention to the site’s holiday gift guides, which offer ideas for presents for moms, dads, teens and younger kids. This being Coupons.com, online coupon codes are included with each gift idea.

Among the four Coupons.com holiday gift guides, my favorite is – naturally – the mom page. That’s because it includes a class of gifts I hope to see under the tree: skin-care items.

It’s cold and dry here in southcentral Alaska, which is hard on the skin. Looking at the moms’ gift guide I see a three-pack of fragranced body butters from Sephora. The  accompanying coupon codes bring free shipping and a gratis “deluxe sample” item. (Hint: Those small sample items are obviously good for travel but they also make very nice last-minute stocking stuffers.)

Also on the page are lotions and shower gels (Bath & Body Works), L’Occitane Hand Creams of Provence (Nordstrom) and “macadamia natural oil” for dry hair and scalp (Kohl’s).

Just about every woman I know doesn’t buy herself this kind of thing, due to what I call “the Curse of the Mom”: our tendency to deny ourselves all but the basics because other people’s needs are more important. At some point we need to decide that we’re allowed to spend on ourselves because our own needs – and even some of our wants! – really do matter.

A $100 Amazon card would go a long way toward filling some of your own needs/wants. Just sayin’.

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. The contest ends Dec. 24. Good luck! And if you win, you better come back and brag about it.
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