Crunch time at the PF Olympics (aka, “I need your help once more”).

Pic: Political parties

Thanks to the support of friends, readers and business associates I made it into the finals of the PF Olympics. Each of the finalists were given the same topic to write for the final judging:

“Which golden rule of personal finance have you abandoned since the recession, and why?”

For some reason I thought these would be judged by a panel of experts. I was wrong. Once more, it’s Internet voting. Argh. And once more, I’m asking for your help.

If you could read my piece and vote if you think it’s good, I would greatly appreciate it. Here’s the URL: http://www.gobankingrates.com/personal-finance-olympics/way-we-work-donna-freedman/.

Note: This time around you can vote once per day through Saturday, Aug. 11.

If you think the piece is really good, would you share that link with friends/acquaintances via e-mail or social networking? I’ve even created a tiny URL for you to use on Twitter, if you like:

For the PF Olympics, Donna Freedman confesses breaking a golden financial rule! Read how & vote (daily, to 8/11). http://tinyurl.com/c6offx9

I feel odd about this kind of promotion, but must play the game by the rules that were given. Again, I appreciate your support.

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  1. Great article. Got my vote!!

  2. Christine

    Great job- voted and will continue to vote!

  3. Donna Freedman

    Thanks, ladies. I appreciate it.

  4. I voted. Hope you win! I think you deserve to.

  5. Elizabeth

    Great article; I voted. Spot on for our times.
    I went back to school seeking the job security you mention. Ironically, the economy fell apart and I was never able to get a full-time, permanent job and instead am self-employed. Many, many other young professionals are in the same boat. It’s led me to research a smidgen, and learn how brief in history was the blip where people had secure jobs of 40 (or more) hour work weeks, had pensions, etc. It seems pre-industrial revolution there was a lot more self employment, partnerships (of 2 people, not 500), etc. The age for social security payments to begin came about because it was actually a couple years beyond normal life expectancy. (Perhaps equivalent to 80 or so today?)
    So, while scary, I think this is the future and we need to learn how to live happily in our reality. Frugality is definitely the first step to keeping the wolves from the door, allowing for purchases like health insurance, and just generally being able to sleep at night.

  6. Sarah L


  7. Jo Heroux

    Loved the article, commented and voted and liked! Whew!

  8. You can still vote today. I just did. Great article. Wish I’d found it sooner. Good luck.

  9. Yes Donna, I think it is one day longer, you can still vote!!!!!


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