Fairbanks haiku.

 thHeaded north today

Too early, but one must think:

Construction season.


Road breakfast first, though:

Eggs, spuds, bacon, pancakes and

Diet (duh) cola.


Clouds, gloom: Were we cursed?

Look! Denali lifts chador

Of cloud and smiles big.


(Who is Denali?

You knew her as McKinley.

But you knew nothing.)



Bug guts on windshield

Still sparse; but each tiny splat

Reminds: Summer, soon.


Ice cream sandwich at

Mid-morning: Indulgence or

Economic boost?


Later, some sadness:

No sauerkraut pie at Rose’s?

Afternoon mourning.


Sophie Station, where

Are you, exactly: East or

West exit? We guess.


Hotel parking lot

Has many outdoor plug-ins:

50-below winters.


8 x 10 theater

Festival has a full house

Of local talent.


My friend’s play includes

Monkeys played by loud humans

Somewhere, Darwin laughs.


Fairbanks: Still light at

10:40! But no birch leaves

I blame El Niño.


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  1. Barbara Mead

    I loved this! Apt and inspiring. You also reminded me how much I like haiku. Funny what you forget you liked before you got distracted by life.

  2. Loved it. Shared it.

  3. This is wonderful!

  4. Cathy in NJ

    What are the cool things to do in Fairbanks?

    • Donna Freedman

      For us, the coolest thing was the 8 x 10 theater festival. We both had deadlines so we didn’t do much tourism. If we had, we probably would have stopped by Alaskaland (now called Pioneer Park but our old habits die hard), and also by the antique car museum (still on winter hours so we couldn’t have gone anyway).

      No doubt there are other things to do, but this was kind of a whirlwind visit.

  5. Very creative! That must have taken a while to write. You are a multi-talented writer!

  6. Love it! I’m in Fairbanks now and it’s 64 degrees and gorgeous. Cramer’s Field is absolutely popping with swans and ducks and a few Sandhill Cranes, as well.

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