Free health screenings. Also: Gift cards and an iPotty.

14546594_130417061717_138x138When possible, I try to post free stuff and the chance to win gift cards because these are good ways to stretch the budget. Here are four such opps, all of which could turn out to be great frugal hacks – that is, if you live near a Sam’s Club and/or are lucky enough to win.

(About that “iPotty”: I am not making that up. I couldn’t make that up. More on it below.)

On Saturday, June 14 you can get free men’s health screenings at all Sam’s Club locations that have pharmacies. You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of:

  • PSA (prostate-specific antigen), for men 40 and older
  • Total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Body mass index
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision
  • Risk ratio

The screenings are offered between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. In honor of Father’s Day, maybe the dad(s) in your life will give you a gift: the opportunity to be in your life longer by being proactive about health.

O brave new world

Next up: Savings.com and Huggies are running a promotion that involves something called the “iPotty,” an iPad and $350 worth of Target gift cards. The former is a potty chair with a place to attach an iPad.

I shit you not.

One grand-prize winner will receive the iPotty chair plus the iPad to go with it. Thirty-five winners will get $10 Target cards. And anyone can get a $2 coupon for Pull-Ups; in fact, it can be printed out twice.

Enter the contest by visiting this Savings.com page. You can enter once a day through 9 p.m. EDT Monday, June 16 – unless, as with a previous giveaway of theirs, the contest ends sooner. A gift card winner will be chosen daily; the grand prize winner will be picked at the end.

P.S. Maybe the toddler in your life will show you how to work the iPad.

Wise and/or fabulous choices

Every week the Wise Bread blog offers two ways to win. The Thursday Tweet Chats feature lively discussions and prizes that almost always include Amazon gift cards (some of them with three-figure denominations). I’ve never won one of these yet, but my daughter snared one of the runner-up prizes, a still-respectable $50 Amazon GC.

The “Ask the Readers” feature requires you to answer a simple question (and, hopefully, to offer tips) for a chance at one of two $20 Amazon gift cards.

This week, it’s “How do you celebrate Father’s Day frugally?” Answer before 11:59 p.m. PDT Monday, June 16. For additional chances to win, you can become a Facebook fan and Tweet about the giveaway.

Finally: A site called Womensforum.com claims that 40 is the new 30, and is sponsoring a sweepstakes to drive that point home. The “Fabulous @ Forty $500 Sweepstakes” has a prize of – you guessed it — $500, to be used “for a night out with your husband or girlfriends.”

However, I bet they’d understand if you had to put it toward car repair or that college-visit trip you’re planning with your teen this summer. The fact remains that 40 is the new 30. Wonder what that makes me, at 56: An older 40?

Good luck to you all with all of the contests – and if you do win I hope you’ll let me know.

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  1. Catseye

    Speaking of Wise Bread’s “Ask the Readers” contests, I’ve won 2 gift cards in the past 4 months. And I never win ANYTHING except t-shirts. I love Wise Bread for the great articles, but the contests are an added incentive, that’s for sure.

    • Donna Freedman

      Way to beat the odds! I’ve won one of the $20 Amazon cards, but that was a couple of years ago. Nothing since.

      • Donna Freedman

        UPDATE: An hour ago I got an e-mail from Wise Bread saying that….I won last week’s “Ask the Readers” contest. Ha!
        Now, let’s focus on this: “I’ve won a small scratch-off lottery ticket for $5, but never for $50,000.” (Universe, are you listening???)

        • Tina in NJ

          This is freaky. Just before I read this post, I was notified that I’d won the “Ask the Readers” contest! I hope it isn’t one of those things where, due to a computer error, everyone won! 🙂 Regardless, I have a code in my inbox and I intend to spend it right after dinner!

          • Donna Freedman

            Do that! Because it expires in a week if not used or loaded to your Amazon account.
            They select two winners per week — guess it was Jersey Girls week, huh?

  2. Teinegurl

    Hey FYI for the womens forum sweepstakes you have to ‘Like’ them on facebook first. Just to people who are entering

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