Friday: “Be My Valentine” Swagbucks extravaganza.

card179Beginning at 6 a.m. PST on Valentine’s Day the Swagbucks rewards program plans a day of games and riddles totaling 25 easy points. Folks on the East Coast will find this very civilized, i.e., a 9 a.m. start. Where I am it’ll be 5 a.m., i.e., I’m almost certainly going to miss that first code.

Those of you who already belong know that the Swag Codes are just one way to win. People can (and do) earn hundreds of points per day taking surveys, watching videos, shopping and doing online searches.

I trade my points in for Amazon gift cards, which I use for holiday and birthday gifts and, sometimes, to confound my daughter by having toilet paper shipped to her home.

You can find hints about the codes (and, often, the codes themselves) on the Swagbucks Facebook page, so check it throughout the day. Or check my site’s Facebook page, since I’ll post as many as I find.

But as noted above: You can pretty much assume I’ll be missing the first one.

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  1. Someone sent me a Crockpot, ordered from Amazon with Swagbucks. It was thrilling. I am glad you mentioned the Crockpot liners. I will have to find a coupon to buy some and make handling the crockpot easier and less trouble. Thanks.

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