Giveaway: $10 Starbucks card.

thSolstice isn’t until June 20, but I think it’s hot enough in some places to count as summer. Cold drinks are a fine antidote to heat and humidity, and Starbucks cards are always popular as giveaways. QED.

In addition, this is a fairly easy prize for me to mail from out of town. Yep, I’m on the road again — but this time in Alaska.

Specifically, I’m attending the 24th annual Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez (that’s pronounced val-DEEZ, incidentally). For the next week I’ll be attending classes and staged readings, including a full-length work by my BFF Linda B, “The Cooter Creek Passion Play.”


In the evenings they’ll be reprising productions of several plays that I missed the first time around due to previous trips plus a couple of new ones. I’m particularly interested in “Good Men Wanted,” which is about women who fought during the Civil War, and “Annapurna,” a drama about a dying poet confronted by his estranged wife (the actor, Kevin T. Bennett, is really, really good).


About that Starbucks…

But back to the giveaway. If you want $10 in coffeehouse scrip, do one or more of the following:

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry (e.g., “Subscribed to your writing newsletter” or “Follow you on Twitter”).

The deadline to enter is 7 p.m. PDT Thursday, June 16. If I don’t hear back from the winners by 7 p.m. PDT Friday, June 17, June 12, I’ll have the random number generator pull a new name.

Note: Due to the high cost of international shipping, a winner from outside the United States will receive an Amazon gift card.

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  1. I would love to win this. It would be used to cover a trip to SB as behavior incentive for my kids. Summer gets a little tedious, and incentives are needed!

  2. Cathy in NJ

    Love an iced decaf:)

  3. Cathy in NJ

    Write a blog reader.

  4. I follow you on twitter and lover hearing about your adventures and cooking etc with DF!

  5. Amanda L.

    I love your contests!

  6. Debbi Moorehead

    A cold, tasty drink from Starbucks is a perfect way to survive a hot summer day in TN! Love your blog and I still miss you on MSN.com

  7. Amanda L.

    I subscribe by email

  8. Amanda L.

    I follow on twitter.

  9. Amanda L.

    I signed up for weekly newsletter.

  10. Amanda L.

    I follow on facebook.

  11. This would be great. I love an iced coffee on a hot summer day.

  12. and I follow your rss feed.

  13. Kay Lynn

    Good Men Wanted sounds really interesting. Enjoy!

  14. Kay Lynn

    I subscribe via RSS feed (using feedly).

  15. Kay Lynn

    Follow you on twitter (kaylynnakers).

  16. I subscribe and I’d follow ya anywhere!

  17. JoAn V.

    Where I live we are already in triple digit weather so a cold drink is welcome. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. JoAn V.

    I subscribe to your weekly newsletter.

  19. JoAn V.

    I follow you on Facebook.

  20. Meghan

    I’d love to win. Hooray for frappaccinos, glorified milkshakes that they are.

  21. Meghan

    I follow on Facebook.

  22. Love your giveaways!

  23. Mirabella

    A Starbucks gift card sounds like just the thing this time of year. Count me in.

  24. Mirabella

    My birthday is coming up, so this would be a great gift. Good luck!

  25. Mirabella

    And thank you as always for the giveaways. Enjoy your upcoming theater conference.

  26. Good Luck with your new book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  27. Conee Corning Banks


  28. Conee Corning Banks

    follow you on facebook!

  29. So glad I found you! Following on Twitter and getting your newsletter too!

  30. Best Bun

    Hubby had unexpected triple bypass and carotid artery surgery. He’s doing well, but I’m a mess. A nice cool drink while driving back and forth to the hospital would just hit the spot. I read your blog faithfully and have recorded all monies both spent and found since 2011.

    • Donna Freedman

      As someone who’s dealt with major illnesses of a couple of loved ones, let me say this: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Even if you don’t win. I hope your husband is home soon.

    • Valerie

      Also subscribe to your newsletter. 🙂 Thanks Donna! If I win, please give the card to Best Bun above as if it provides her even a small amount of comfort, I’ll be a happy girl! 🙂

  31. I’d love to win! Thank you!

  32. I subscribe via email.

  33. I follow you on Twitter.

  34. I also subscribe to Write a Blog People Will Read.

  35. Julie R

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Starbucks card!

  36. Pamela

    I follow you on twitter

  37. Pamela

    I subscribe by email

  38. Veronica Adrover

    Can ALWAYS usa a Starbucks card!!

  39. Veronica Adrover

    I subscribe via email.

  40. Veronica Adrover

    I follow on FB.

  41. Use it myself or re-gift it? Difficult decision!

  42. Facebook too.

  43. Thank you for the giveaway! And congrats on mostly finishing your book!

  44. Thanks for the giveaway….that play sounds like one I would love to watch too.

  45. I follow on twitter-grandmasreading

  46. Cindy Brooks

    I’d love to win….fraps all around!

  47. Cindy Brooks

    e-mail subscriber

  48. Cindy Brooks

    following on facebook

  49. Sounds like a fun time in Valdez. Nice time of year to be there too!

  50. I follow on Twitter.

  51. I subscribe by email

  52. I follow you on Facebook

  53. Juliannac

    My son is turning 15 this month and he LOVES Starbucks Frapuccinos, that’s his favorite treat, and his mean mother hardly ever buys him one. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity and enjoy your theater conference!

  54. Juliannac

    I’m a longtime email subscriber…

  55. Juliannac

    …and I follow you on Facebook.

  56. Glenda Bossow

    I’ve gotten your emails for a long time, and am also one who misses seeing your columns on MSN Money! 🙂

  57. I am a fan of yours. Would love to win!

  58. Michelle Maloney

    I would love to win!

  59. I subscribe via email

  60. and follow on Twitter

  61. and i get the blog newsletter!

  62. Cynthia

    It’s definately summer here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, 92* yesterday! I would love to win, love Starbucks!

  63. ro in san diego

    I subscribe by email

  64. ro in san diego

    I follow you on Facebook and would love to win.


    Starbucks is always good!

  66. Sel Stoute

    Starbucks for Free!!! would love to win.

  67. I’d love to win this GC. I live in SE LA, where it’s very hot and humid.

  68. I’m an email subscriber

  69. I also FB follow you

  70. and I get your weekly newsletter, too

  71. Jennifer B

    Oh Starbucks, yes please!

  72. Jennifer B

    I also subscribe via email.

  73. Jennifer B

    I also follow on Facebook.

  74. Jennifer B

    I also subscribe to the writing newsletter.

  75. janets

    Would love a Starbucks card.

  76. Tabathia B

    Would be great for my daughter

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  77. Tabathia B

    email subscriber

  78. Valerie

    Yes please! 🙂

  79. Valerie

    Also subscribe via email. 🙂

  80. Valerie

    Also subscribe to your newsletter. 🙂 Thanks Donna! If I win, please give the card to Best Bun above as if it provides her even a small amount of comfort, I’ll be a happy girl! 🙂

  81. Nancy Peterson

    Leaving a comment: Starbucks! Also, I follow you on Facebook 🙂

  82. Nancy Peterson

    I follow you on Facebook. Starbucks!

  83. Kathryn

    Would love to win this and share with a friend. Have fun on your trip.

  84. Kathryn

    I follow via email.

  85. Don’t generally go to Starbucks as I’m too cheap, but I would use this!

  86. Subscribe via email.

  87. Follow on Twitter

  88. Like on Facebook

  89. Subscribe to your writing newsletter

  90. CandiO

    I’d love this!

  91. CandiO

    I follow you on facebook, finally!

  92. thanks for the giveaway would love to win!!

  93. i follow on twitter (@betsy5454)

  94. i follow on fb (Brenda Smith)

  95. I love Starbucks! Put me into the giveaway with this comment. Thank you!

  96. Candice

    Who couldn’t use a Starbucks pick me up? Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Candice

    I like you on Facebook.

  98. Candice

    I subscribe via email.

  99. Starbucks is always the right thing when it is HOT. I live in Indiana, and we are having hotter weather than normal. As usual it is really humid, too!

  100. I subscribe to you via email, and I love it!

  101. Cakester

    A nice cold starbucks drink sounds heavenly right now!

  102. Cakester

    I also get the weekly newsletter.

  103. I would love to win this!

  104. Angela

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Count me in!

  105. Jackie

    Thank you for the generous giveaway. I hope you have a great time in Alaska!

  106. Jackie

    I am an email subscriber

  107. Jackie

    I follow on facebook

  108. Gayle Erwin

    Yum, coffee!!!

  109. Gayle Erwin

    I follow you on Facebook.

  110. Gayle Erwin

    I get your e-mails.

  111. Hey hey hey, saw this in my feed reader…

  112. …and on Facebook…

  113. …and waiting what is hopefully an appropriate amount of time to submit this third comment as my ‘HI THIS IS AN ENTRY COMMENT!’ type of comment. My previous comment was submitted too fast for the waiting period designed to stop icky spam. 🙂

  114. Sylvia

    Would be nice to treat myself for a change with something from Starbucks.

  115. Sylvia

    I also subscribe by e-mail.

  116. Athena


  117. Great giveaway! Thinking about going to Starbucks on my overnight getaway, but have to pay full price if I do.

  118. Danielle

    My daughter would love this! I could make her summer feel more fun if I won 🙂

  119. what a great giveaway!

  120. Nice!

  121. I subscribed to your blog on email. 🙂

  122. i subscribe to your emails

  123. Mami2jcn

    My husband loves Starbucks!

  124. Mami2jcn

    I subscribe via email

  125. Mami2jcn

    I like you on Facebook (username Mary Carmen)

  126. Lake Livin'

    Please, please, pretty please!!

  127. I love coffe:)

  128. I’m already a subscriber

  129. i follow you on twitter @oshkoshbgosh321

  130. Mary Jane

    Until they discover a way to deliver caffeine intravenously, Starbucks is the best option.

  131. i like you on facebook

  132. i subscribe to your newsletters

  133. Rachael Underwood

    I am addicted to hot apple cider from Starbucks!

  134. Rachael Underwood

    I follow you on facebook

  135. Deb coy

    Love you on Facebook. Check it daily.

  136. Deb coy

    Subscribe to the newsletter.

  137. Deb coy

    Today I subscribed to your blog. Can’t get enough of Donna Freedman.

  138. Marcia

    I follow you on facebook.

  139. Marcia

    I subscribe.

  140. Marcia

    I follow on twitter, am having an awful summer this would be a lovely treat!

  141. Dulcie

    Although our weather is cold and rainy right now I am sure it will heat up any day now. I do love Starbucks every once in a while. Have fun in Valdez!

  142. Carolina Cooper

    I follow you on Facebook.

  143. Carolina Cooper

    I get your emails, too.

  144. Is there ever a bad time to give away a sb card?

  145. Simka Johnson

    We all need a treat. 😉
    I would also love to win a Starbucks card, Donna!

  146. Simka Johnson

    I get your emails too.

  147. Martha

    I’d love a chance to win, thanks!

  148. Punkin Pye

    I don’t usually win things, but here’s hoping.

  149. I hope you enjoy the theater conference. Thank you for the giveaway.

  150. I subscribe via email.

  151. I am signed up for your WriteABlogPeopleWillRead newsletter.

  152. You will be enjoying an amazing theater experience, and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the gift card. Thank you for the chance to win!

  153. I subscribe via feedburner

  154. I follow your tweets (moeyshay)

  155. I get your WriteABlogPeopleWillRead newsletter

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