Giveaway: $50 gift card, sponsored by Swagbucks.

th-1Fun fact: During the holiday season, the lowest price for toys is about 10 days before Christmas.

Funner fact: You can get a $50 head start on your toy-buying (or anything-else-buying) if you win this week’s giveaway.

The Swagbucks rewards site has offered to award one lucky reader his or her choice of a $50 e-gift card from the Rewards Store. It’s quite the lineup of cards for restaurants, electronics emporia, retaurants, entertainment and other categories (including my personal favorite, Amazon).

This giveaway is a little different: You must be a member of Swagbucks and earn at least 50 points between now and 7 p.m. PST Friday, Dec. 5. Instead of entering up to five different ways, leave one comment with your Swagbucks user name.

A boost for your holiday budget

Not yet a member? I hope you’ll join using my referral link. If that bugs you, just go to the Swagbucks site and join that way.

If 50 points sounds like a lot, let me assure you it isn’t. You’ll have two weeks to get them through channels such as Search, Shop, Play, Answer, Discover (including Special Offers and Encrave), Watch (including SBTV mobile) and Daily (Poll, NOSO, Daily Crave, et al.). I’d also suggest checking in with the Swagbucks Facebook page during the day because readers post “Swag Codes,” good for additional points, as they become available.

Just answering the daily poll from today until the end of the giveaway will get you 15 points. Do a few searches each day and/or choose from among those other possibilities and you’re in. Keep earning points and you’ll get enough to purchase gift cards on your own. (I’m using them to pay for a chunk of my holiday shopping.)

Again: Enter with your username, once only, then get going on that 50-point goal. There’s no need to leave a comment unless you really want to do so.

Thanks to Swagbucks for sponsoring. I love it when readers get gift cards.

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  1. I’m tiredmom – thanks!

  2. ThriftySAHM83

  3. Great way to get me motivated to get myslef more swagbucks Donna :)My swagname is Cheeyah.

  4. Sonja Johnson

    I’m sonjjeanne. Thanks, Donna and Swagbucks! 🙂

  5. SunshineCB

    Thanks, Donna…I’m learning my way around Swagbucks. SunshineCB

  6. brennasmom

    I love swag bucks!!!!!!

  7. Kristen P

    Thank you for introducing me to Swagbucks!

  8. Household is my user name. I had to look it up though, because I didn’t know what it was. 🙂

  9. shoernsc
    Thanks, Donna!

  10. You got me into Swagbucks, so thanks Donna! Love them to bits. My username is nlohlandt.

  11. teamlift

  12. drivesamazda

    Thank you. Love Swagbucks!

  13. ArizonaJo is the name. Thanks, Donna! I love Swagbucks! I already made 90 points today.

  14. my swagname is keithcindy.


  15. I’m Telephus44. Love Swaybacks!

  16. lolakaty

    This is the best rewards site.

  17. I used all of my Amazon gift cards earlier this week to do Christmas shopping. Need to earn more Amazon GCs through Swagbucks! My user name is kristeven. Thanks Donna.

  18. Alison Willis


  19. witwis

  20. My swagname is subber

  21. nolnoc

  22. Cathy in NJ

    My swagname is Ginkleberry.

  23. Ro in San Diego

    My swagname is Rochelle

  24. ormaybemidgets

  25. great contest – I will have to remember to go get swagbucks!

    my “swagname” is spiffikins

  26. Well howdy-doo, I’ve been focusing on the Swagbucks while I still can sit in front of the internet for long periods of time, this would be fantastic! I’m Revanche over there too.

  27. teinegurl

    My swag name is :teinegurl and I almost earned that 50 like 4 sb’s away!

  28. Thanks Donna and Swagbucks! My swagbucks name is Vesta8

  29. Thanks – DEBIJOT

  30. Oh don’t laugh but my swagbucks name is bestlady. Used to be the best chicken lady but they shortened it…oh well. thanks for the chance I love swagbucks!

  31. I would love to win the gift card it would help me with my holiday shopping.

  32. drmomof2

  33. Thanks for offering the give-away. I am “mathmahna”.

  34. Onefrugalgirl! Now to see if I can rack up 50!

  35. I am 2cutiepie. Love the swagbucks!

  36. I’m pretty sure than I used your referral like to join Swagbucks. My name is EleanorRigbyI

  37. amanda paige

    I am aleighanne

  38. Amanda Sakovitz

    thank you!

  39. mrs. short

    I’m wiss22 on Swag Bucks. Already had an account before your referral link, sorry!

  40. Thanks for introducing me to Swagbucks! I am BTAsbury.

  41. Csd25

    Love Swagbucks, thanks!

  42. Deb Kaitschuck


  43. I’m vadrover. Thanks!

  44. absolutely love sb!

  45. Vicky Fox

    Love Swagbucks 🙂

  46. Vicky Fox

    Love Swagbucks :)SB name is Victoria

  47. I’m PatOz

  48. Carolina Cooper

    My swag bucks name is CarolinaTonelero

  49. my swagbucks name is dtc148

  50. Heather M

    pineapplupsdown1 is my swag name. I’ve earned some good rewards using swag bucks.

  51. Thanks Donna! I’m mamanurse1.

  52. Jessica McFarlin


  53. gotfire55

  54. BoiseSwag

    Thanks Donna!

  55. Jesse18660

  56. H1IL


  57. just got back into swagging yesterday as a matter of fact!


  58. Wendy Roberson welch


  59. jessieandfrancis Thanks!

  60. Kelly Campbell

    Thank you Donna and Swagbucks. ImaSpender.

  61. I’m PearlMom. Happy Thanksgiving!

  62. MindyPoppins here, and that might just be enough to get me to keep up with the daily polls 🙂

  63. My swagname is iamkim.

  64. swagname: Petunia100

    Whoo-hoo! Thanks for the giveaway Donna (and Swagbucks). Good luck everyone. 🙂

  65. I’m seadevi–thank you!

  66. Heather S


  67. Wendy Clarke

    Love your site!!

    My swagbucks name is wicklar1219.

    Thank you!!

  68. machele clark


  69. Karen Green

    Thanks for the chance to win. Swagbucks name retiringin2018. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  70. Athena Rayner

    My Swagbucks name is name is aray31 -thanks for the chnace to win!

  71. Vicky Fox

    I love Swagbucks:)

  72. Alexandra Martinez

    My swagbucks name is gypsyalexa

  73. can’t find my swagname…it just says “Lisa” when i login.

    • Donna Freedman

      Look under “My Account” for your username, then come back and do another entry. Swagbucks won’t process the entry unless it can track you by username.
      Good luck!

  74. Debbra Kelson

    My Swagname is Debbie07. Thanks!

  75. savoholic…thank you!

  76. I’m sodak

  77. I’m SeattleMom2014

  78. Magdalena Rangel-Berrum

    My Swag Name is: LaMonio. Thank you for this great giveaway, Donna Freedman and Swagbucks.

  79. Brianna Callaghan


  80. thanks for the chance to win
    my screen name is limon25517

  81. I’m Sarabel1.

  82. Ro in San Diego

    My Swagname is RoInSD

  83. My Swagbucks name is Sluggy.

  84. Yeah, Dec. 5th, birthday of such great luminaries as Walt Disney, Donna Freedman and ME.

  85. Thank you for offering these give aways! Prepare for the unexpected.

  86. Be ready. Prepare for the unexpected event.

  87. Cindy Campbell

    Love swagbucks. Hope to win. Will make great Christmas gifts.

  88. Kelly Campbell

    I am ImaSpender, that’s why I love Swagbucks!! 😉

  89. I want to win! I’m missmelock. Thanks Donna!

  90. Robin Gonzalez

    I think my user name is robin, if that is the name in the upper right hand corner. I had started this awhile back and don’t get on here half the time. It is really strange to me-nothing like mypoints. Is there a limit to the swagbucks you can earn each day? I know you can only do one coupon print. I did a couple of surveys and it didn’t add the points, so am figuring there might be a limit to that too?

    • Robin Gonzalez

      Sorry, my swag name is groundy! Couldn’t even figure out for awhile where to find account.

    • Donna Freedman

      There’s no limit — in fact, some people earn thousands of points per day, often from surveys and playing games. I don’t do either one, myself, but I generally score at least two searches per day and am always on the lookout for Swag Codes.
      There’s an FAQ section on the Swagbucks home page that might help, and various tutorials online. Search for “Swagbucks 101.” In fact, use Swagbucks to search for it.
      Good luck!

      • Thanks so much Donna! I can use all the help I can get. I even was reading your daughter’s site to get some info.

  91. michgirl1970 (Thank you!)

  92. Mine is juliannac


  93. Happy Holidays! My swagname is MotorhomeBetty!

  94. I’m dooducks

  95. My Swagname is my34olson

  96. I’m jackd34344

  97. kenner225

  98. my swagbucks names is curlgurl_99, thanks!

  99. cheflisajones

  100. Swagbucks rocks. I’m wiferkhart.

  101. My SB name is Cindy Brick…

    Merry Christmas, Donna!

  102. This isn’t a second entry, but a mention…

    I’ll be away from Internet access from Dec. 5-21…so if I win, please don’t give up on me — I’d love to have that $50 e-gift card.

  103. Donna, I’m a new reader, and I love your blog. Your attitude and thoughtfulness towards wants versus needs is eye opening and inspiring. Happy holidays! My Swagbucks ID is lena29.

  104. Thanks again for all the nice things you do for us. User name is rosie kathy

  105. My Swag Name is rennel.


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