Giveaway: A $20 Amazon gift card.

I’m giving away $20 in Amazon scrip. I’m also changing the rules.

This week only, the drawing will be a day early, on Sunday. That way the winner can opt to use the gift card on Cyber Monday (Nov. 29).

Even if you don’t get around to Cyber Monday shopping, the GC will come in handy in the next few weeks. Amazon and other large retailers will likely continue their price wars.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave additional comments to get credit for each entry.

Entry deadline is 7 p.m. PST Sunday, Nov. 28. Please note that this is earlier than usual. Check your inboxes before you go to bed Sunday night, or as soon as you get up.

And for extra karma points: Consider doing your shopping from the Amazon widget on my daughter’s website, I Pick Up Pennies.

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  1. I would like to wind that.

  2. Susanne Nielsen

    Comment. LOL

  3. kellyannn smith

    I could really use it. We are doing a cash only Christmas and all our cards are in tiny little pieces


  4. Hmm–SOS can wind this prize while I win it!

  5. Marcia Carli

    I would love to win, two of my darlings want DVD’s from Amazon!

  6. Would love to win this, it would come in super handy!

  7. oh, I want it, I want it………..Ive finally decided there may be a kindle in my future and ive only got about half the swagbucks to make it.

  8. We would be so thrilled with 20 Amazon bucks! There are MP3s calling my name.

  9. i would soooo love this!

  10. i subscribe via rss AND email!

  11. i follow on twitter (@oshkoshbgosh123)

  12. It couldn’t come at a better time – I’m getting tapped out thanks to suddenly needing all kinds of winter gear and lightweight travel stuff for my business trip.

  13. I also subscribe via Google reader and on Twitter.

  14. yes please -email subscriber

  15. Would enjoy this gift card very much

  16. Shannon Bennett

    Yep, count me in! I follow your stuff through swapmamas πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  17. Would love to win this! We do a lot of our holiday shopping on Amazon. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  18. Got several things to buy from Amazon….Lady Luck?

  19. I plan to do all of my shopping online this year— a gift card from Amazon would really come in handy.

  20. Lenie Stoute

    Free moola for my favorite website…too sweet.

  21. I would love to win this one. I am trying to save up for a Kindle.

  22. I subscribe via RSS.

  23. This sounds great!
    I subscribe via RSS.

  24. Love Amazon and Donna Freedman, subscribe by email!

  25. Elizabeth

    Would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaways.

  26. Elizabeth

    I subscribe via email.

  27. I really hope to win this please!!

  28. I already subscribe via e-mail .

  29. I already subscribe via rss.

  30. I follow Surviving and Thriving on Twitter

  31. I follow Surviving and Thriving on Facebook

  32. I do almost all my shopping at amazon πŸ™‚

  33. Also, I do already subscribe via RSS, that’s how I saw this entry.

  34. Count me in!

  35. Here I am! Hoping to win this one…

  36. And I follow you on Twitter.

  37. I also follow you on facebook.

  38. And also via RSS.

  39. I’m so glad you’re writing for Get Rich Slowly now! πŸ™‚

  40. I’m a subscriber via RSS.

  41. Would love to win an Amazon gift card!

  42. I also subscribe to the RSS feed!

  43. What a fantastic giveaway!

  44. I am an email subscriber

  45. I follow you on twitter @drmomoftwo

  46. I follow you on twitter as @fabric2000

  47. facebook follower as steven epstein

  48. Phil Erickson

    Here’s an entry through a comment (already following through RSS) – I enjoy your writing very much and thanks for the offer!

  49. Emma Sutton

    This would be great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  50. Emma Sutton

    I follow you on Facebook too!

  51. I love you, oh great random number generator! Show favor upon me, lol.

  52. Please enter my name in the drawing. As always. thank you for having these giveaways – one more thing for me to be grateful for!


  53. Love the give aways!

  54. Thanks Donna. Fingers crossed

  55. I also subscribe via e-mail

  56. Barbara Palermo

    Please enter my name in the drawing and thank you for having these giveaways!

  57. Barbara Palermo

    Subscribed via e-mail

  58. Barbara Palermo

    Sign up to follow Surviving and Thriving on Facebook

  59. Awesome!

  60. Entry 1 – Amazon has so many cool things, this would be put to great use

  61. entry 2 – I read your posts via google reader

  62. lostAnnfound

    Subscribe via RSS & also you read you at GRS now!

  63. I am a subscriber via email.

  64. Loves the Amazon!

  65. I am also subscribed via RSS through Google Reader.

  66. I am a follower via Twitter. (@wagthefox)

  67. Yay for Amazon!

  68. Also a facebook fan

  69. Great giveaway, Donna.

  70. I subscribe via RSS.

  71. love amazon! thank you so much!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  72. i am also an email subscriber

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  73. and i follow Surviving and Thriving on facebook

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  74. Jessie C.

    Happy Holidays

  75. Jessie C.

    I’m a subscriber

  76. Jessie C.

    FB liker@tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  77. Subscribe by email. Happy Holiday.

  78. Cindy Campbell

    Love your blog-also love your daughter’s. Amazon gift cards are a great gift. Hope I win.

  79. Not just yeah for Amazon but “Yeah for you!”

  80. Hi! I still like to shop a bit!

  81. And I stalk via email!

  82. And I stalk you on facebook!
    If I tell you you are cute, will you pick me? Or should I tell random.org he/she is cute? Think it will help my odds?

  83. Lee Ann Dezern

    Love Amazon!! Love gift cards!!

  84. Victoria Fox

    Loyal Reader !

  85. Jennifer Keach

    Just discovered your blog (through Get Rich Slowly). Love the advice!

  86. Jennifer Keach

    Oh, and I also subscribed via RSS!

  87. I would love this gift card. It is so great of you to offer it.

  88. I subscribe to email feeds.

  89. I like you on facebook

  90. I’d love to win, but I haven’t been feeling very lucky lately.

  91. I subscribe via RSS.

  92. I follow you on twitter.

  93. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman

    Oh boy! Throw my name in the hat but please be gentle!

  94. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman

    Yup,I subscribe to your feed

  95. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman

    follow on twitter@meeyeehere

  96. Signed up for Twitter today. I was already following you via RSS feed. Please enter me in the drawing for the Amazon GC. I have a list of things I could use it for. Thank you.

  97. commenting! I’ve only been following your blog for a short while, but I really enjoy it.

  98. Following on you on facebook “Angela House Harris”.

  99. Outstanding giveaway! Thx, Donna.

  100. Facebook too!

  101. RSS subscriber πŸ™‚

  102. I would love this!! I’ve bought a few (too many) Amazon deals over the last week. But, I’m able to give fantastic gifts to others (any myself) this year at a third or half the price!!

  103. I get your emails!

  104. Thanks for another opportunity!

  105. I follow you on Facebook and by email. Happy thanksgiving!

  106. Looking forward to getting a new book or two for my Kindle – thanks for the chance to make an already cheap investment even cheaper (i.e., free)!

  107. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway! I will be doing plenty of Christmas shopping on Amazon and am looking forward to Cyber Monday!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  108. I subscribe via email
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  109. less than average

    next economic bailout will be in the form of gift cards

    ben bernanke, watch out!

  110. Would love to win.

  111. An Amazon gift certificate would be great this time of year. Money is always tight this time of year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. I also subscribe to your website so this is entry #2. Thanks!

  113. I’m always ready, willing and able when it comes to winning a prize!

  114. I just found your blog and can’t wait to read more!

  115. Read your website every day! Keep up the good work.

  116. Stumbeline

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  117. Stumbeline

    I’m an email subscriber.

  118. I love to shop at Amazon πŸ™‚

    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  119. I love to shop at Amazon! πŸ™‚

    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  120. I’m an email subscriber

    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  121. I subscribed in google reader

    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

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    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

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    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  124. This is my comment…

  125. Maybe this is my lucky day for winning : )

  126. I subscribe via RSS

  127. I subscribe to the feed.

  128. I would love to win a gift certificate.

  129. I love all your blogs and postings: Surviving, Get Rich Slowly (freelance contributor), Living with Less, Smart Spending!

  130. Dear random number generator, how I love thee.
    Oh will you please do the honor of selecting me?

  131. Hope you’re having a nice weekend! Thanks for the chance!

  132. Twitter follower @pinksade

  133. Count me in, please!

  134. FB fan – Pinky Sade

  135. RSS subscriber

  136. karen temple

    your blog is great and funny!

  137. I’m excited about Cyber Monday. There’s going to be some great deals at the shack.

  138. Followed on Twitter (gsusfreek)

  139. Subscribed by e-mail (lao@mchsi.com)

  140. Rhonda Rouse

    Great give-a-way!

  141. Rhonda Rouse

    Following you on Facebook

  142. Fingers crossed!

  143. Kim Wilkie

    Thanks for these opportunities for great prizes, it’s always fun to think about winning something!!!

  144. Shelia O.

    I’m doing a lot of my holiday shopping on Amazon this year, so the card would come in handy. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  145. Have just discovered your blog. Have enjoyed reading it. I think it is great that you picked the Amazon card. My favorite site!

  146. Thanks for the giveaway.

  147. I subscribe via email.

  148. I follow on FB.

  149. Great giveaway! Thanks

  150. I never win but….. here goes!

  151. You never know! Pick me!

  152. Christine

    One of your old articles, “Surviving (and thriving) on $12,000” really changed my perspective on personal finances. Was really touched by the fact that you donated money to your church, despite of your financial circumstances at the time.

  153. I’m with Joseph, I never win, anything..anywhere…ever. But, you can’t win if you don’t *play* (so to speak) So, here goes nothing! πŸ™‚

  154. I’d love to win.

  155. This would help out with Christmas presents! πŸ™‚ Count me in! (I’m still totally on budget to get everything on gift cards, and I love it!)

  156. I follow you on Twitter.

  157. And subscribe to your blog through RSS.

  158. Anything to mitigate certain cookbook-buying addictions (and help with presents). Thanks for the offer.

  159. hmbalison

    Would love the gift card.

  160. I could sure use that card for Daughters’ Christmas!

  161. …and yes, I subscribe.

  162. Even though i didnt win πŸ™‚ I ordered a book from your daughter’s amazon widget, hopefully I just had to click on it and it took me to the amazon site.

    • Donna Freedman

      @Suzanne: Thanks! And keep coming back every Friday — maybe the random number generator will pick you at some point.

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