Giveaway: A book for those going out on their own.

thIs there a young ‘un in your family who’s about to fly the coop? Or do you know of a recent grad who’s jonesing to live solo? This week’s giveaway could be a nice pre-housewarming gift. That is, it can help them learn some of the things they need to know about leaving the nest.

I’m Free, I’m Free, I’m Free! Now What?” was written by a woman I know who wants to give “easygoing, mildly cynical guidance” to those about to set up housekeeping.

But couldn’t you give a new young lessee much or all of the knowledge s/he needs? Probably. Will they listen? Not necessarily.

Hence the subtitle of Janet McCart’s book: “A Semi-Serious Guide to Early Housekeeping or Things You Wouldn’t Let Your Family Tell You.” Some young people are skilled at tuning out what their parents say but would believe it if they read it in a book.

Quick aside to parents: How many of you have smote your own foreheads when your 20-something offspring create emergency funds or shop for a better deal on life’s essentials because Clark Howard or Liz Weston told them it was a good idea? On the one hand you’re excited that they’re taking charge of their finances. But you’re more than a little bit miffed, because you’ve been telling them that since they were in utero.

The winner of the book will learn about the basics of “beds, moving, bills, friends, food poisoning, cleaning, toilets, money, rentals, baseline manners and roommates.” Some or all of this could really help an about-to-be-renter avoid rookie errors.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday, July 29. If I don’t hear back from the winner by 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 30, I’ll pull another name.

Note: The book won’t be mailed right away, because I’m off to Austin, Texas late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Still in the market for insider tips to frugal fun in the Lone Star’s capital city, so feel free to leave comments at this link.

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  1. Youngest nephew is about to move in to his first apartment. Might save him some mistakes.

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  5. Great gift idea!

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  7. Samantha

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  8. Samantha

    I’d love to win it for myself!

  9. I hope you enjoy your trip to Austin!
    Check out the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum while you’re there. According to their website, admission is $5 and under. We visited a few years ago while on vacation there. I remember the garden as a unique place with the perfect combination of art and nature.

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  13. Ro in San Diego

    I follow you by email also. I would like to win this for the young people in my life. It’s probably too late for my son, a late bloomer. He lived in the Band dorm most of college so didn’t have to deal with the split-everything-fairly with the roommate until graduate school. He’s starting year 4. Many frantic calls to mom about some emergency or other. If I win it I may leave it in his room at our house for some light reading.

  14. Christy

    Sounds very practical!

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  17. Mary kirchoff

    Sounds like a great book for my desperate – to – leave (and desperate to have him leave) son.

  18. I’m loving the comments!

  19. My daughter could use this. She is leaving for college in a few weeks. Thank you.

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  21. Jackie

    My daughter just moved into her first apartment in NYC. This would be great for her.
    Thank you!

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  24. Cynthia

    College Boy could use this. Not living in the dorm for the first time this year.

  25. Tracy Stone

    I know of a few people who could use this!

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    I get your emails!

  27. Number One Son really needs to read this!! I so hope I win so I can give it to him!

  28. Ginger

    would love to give this book to my 22 yr old daughter

  29. I have two highschoolers, but I know I’m just going to blink and they will be gone. I’d love a chance to win this book – thanks!

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  32. This would be helpful for both of my kids.

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  34. SherryH

    I’m actually surprised by how much financial savvy my sons have, but a little guidance – from someone other than Mom! – wouldn’t go amiss… Thanks for the opportunity, and have a lovely time in Austin!

  35. Our son is just going for his first job at age 26. My husband wanted him to be able to go to college and not have to work. He REALLY needs this book. I would’ve had him on his own at 18.


  36. Would be a great gift for family members about to strike out on their own. Thx

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  39. Cathy in NJ

    I would love this book for my daughter.

  40. This would be a great gift for my nephew before he moves out! Love your work, keep it up, thank you! I subscribe by email.

  41. debbiek

    I have a 19, 20 and 21 year old boys/men who really need this since I am apparently stupid. Hope I win 🙂

  42. Dawn Field

    I SO need this book! I have a sister and two sons who will be striking out on their own, and I need to get them this book. Of course NO ONE is listening to me! Thank you.

  43. Kellzzz

    Love this for my goddaughter, moving out on her own this fall!

  44. Kellzzz

    Also, I’m a Facebook follower.

  45. Debbi Moorehead

    My 21 year old son is a senior in college and every day is crisis about decision-making. Trying my best to keep him sane, ha ha! I could read this book and highlight sections for him for next year, since he’s the type who only reads bullets :). Love your blog and miss you on MSN, but that’s their loss!

  46. Carolina Cooper

    My last son has moved out for what I hope (and pray) is the last time. He is beginning to get the hang of it, but this book would help.

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