Giveaway: Another $10 Starbucks card.

th-1Every time I give away a Starbucks card the response is enormous. Not being a coffee drinker, I don’t see the attraction. Then again, as a frugalist I guess that if someone wanted to give me $10 worth of hot chocolate or tea I might get riled up as well.

Now that the weather is cooling – or downright cold – in most of the country I figured it’s time to buy someone a drink. Will that someone be you?


Easy enough to enter my giveaways, so go for it. Or go for it more than one way, to increase your odds:

To enter the Starbucks card giveaway, do one or more of the following:

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry (e.g., “Subscribed to your writing newsletter” or “Follow you on Twitter”).

The deadline to enter is 7 p.m. PDT Thursday, Nov. 3. If I don’t hear back from the winner by 7 p.m. PDT Friday, Nov. 4, I’ll have the random number generator pull another name.

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  1. I subscribe via email!

  2. I follow you on Facebook!

  3. i love coffee (and tea) 🙂

  4. jaemi bean

    Email and Facebook.. bring on the Joe!

  5. I would love a free cuppa or two!

  6. Please enter me

  7. I follow you on twitter

  8. I’m also subscribed via email

  9. It’s not cold here but coffee rocks anyway!

  10. Lynda Eads

    I love their black tea

  11. Starting to think seriously about stocking stuffers, and this would be great! Thanks.

  12. Also a facebook fan!

  13. I looooove Starbucks!

  14. Teresa Campbell

    I’ve followed you since msn. My all time favorite is the pick up a penny article that you wrote for found change. I still have a jar for my found change separate from other change.

    • Donna Freedman

      So do I! This year I’m waiting until January to round it up and donate it to the food bank, on the theory that donations slow way down after the holidays.

      Thanks for being such a long-time reader. I appreciate it.

  15. I’ve been subscribing to you ever since you moved. Previously just following you via articles in Reader’s Digest.

    FYI, Starbucks does have (hot or iced) tea and hot chocolate. So, use the $10 gift card on yourself. I too don’t particularly care for coffee but I get an iced tea nearly everyday from Starbucks. Depending upon the location, you for coffee or tea you can get free (if you’re a Gold member or 50 cents + tax if not) refills (not on hot chocolate). In my location, you have to go to the same store, in Seattle, any Starbucks location (I tried to pay but use the same cup theoretically saving me 10 cents and not making more trash), they just refilled me. Bought my iced tea at Starbucks #1 store and refilled all over the place.

  16. Gayle Erwin

    I get your e-mails

  17. Gayle Erwin

    I really like the mint tea they have.

  18. Gayle Erwin

    I follow you on twitter.

  19. Becky Hemmer

    I follow you on Facebook

  20. Tina in NJ

    I don’t subscribe and I’m not on Facebook, but I check your blog every day.

  21. Barbara Catchpole

    I subscribed to your emails.

  22. Valerie OConnor

    Yay for Starbucks and Happy Halloween! 🙂

  23. Valerie OConnor

    I also subscribe via email.

  24. Valerie OConnor

    and your newsletter. Thanks Donna!

  25. I subscribe by e-mail.

  26. Cindy Brooks

    Thanks for the giveaway! Who doesn’t love Starbucks???

  27. Cindy Brooks

    e-mail subscriber

  28. Cindy Brooks

    following on facebook

  29. Cindy Brooks

    WriteABlogPeopleWillRead.com subscriber

  30. I would love to have this. I have never been to a Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee. One just moved here, so I might get hot chocolate.

  31. I like Starbucks, but I generally always make coffee at home – so much more cost effective! That said, Starbucks sells coffee beans!

  32. I love this giveaway! Happy November!

  33. I follow you on Facebook.

  34. I subscribe via email.

  35. jestjack

    “If it’s free…it’s for me!” Buying coffee “out” seems to have become a luxury…$$$

  36. As usual, I hope to win the gift card so I can give it away to someone else who deserves a treat.

  37. I also subscribe by e-mail.

  38. I do not enjoy coffee, but I do love Starbucks’ chai lattes. It feels indulgent to be able to order one every now and then. Thanks for the shot!

  39. Nearly forgot, I subscribe by email.

  40. Pam Orita

    Subscribe to email.

  41. Pam Orita

    Follow you on Facebook

  42. Mary Jane

    Dreaming of a peppermint mocha!

  43. Michelle Maloney

    I would love to win! I follow you on Facebook.

  44. I subscribe by email

  45. Oh! Perfect for a quick date with my sweetie! Or…I think Starbucks sells coffee beans as well, which might be a more frugal proposition. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway, Donna!

  46. I follow you on Twitter!

  47. And I subscribe to your newsletter – well worth the read!

  48. And I *think* I follow you on Facebook – at least, I get your S&T posts… But I fail at Facebook, so there’s no telling! lol

  49. I don’t get coffee at Starbucks, I get tea

  50. Receive your emails

  51. Follow on Twitter

  52. Like on Facebook

  53. I receive your newsletter updates

  54. Would love to win! Thanks, Donna!

  55. I subscribe via email.

  56. I also subscribe to your writing blog.

  57. I follow you on Twitter.

  58. Angela J

    Woohoo! Ty

  59. Starbucks cards are great stocking stuffers!

  60. I subscribe via email

  61. I also follow you on Facebook

  62. $10 can’t even buy $7 at a Starbucks.

  63. Beverley

    Woohoo! I like Starbuck’s Chai Tea Lattes – was never a coffee drinker!
    I would love to win this. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  64. Beverley

    I am an email subscriber.

  65. Beverley

    And I follow you on FaceBook.

  66. A great stocking stuffer!

  67. Oh I would love a hot cocoa! Thanks Donna!

  68. Coffee and crisp fall mornings are a perfect match!

  69. I am a coffee drinker, so I’d love to win this.

  70. I’m an email subscriber.

  71. I follow you on Facebook.

  72. I subscribe to your biweekly newsletter, too.

  73. mami2jcn

    Thanks for the chance!

  74. mami2jcn

    I subscribe to your emails

  75. mami2jcn

    I follow you on Facebook as Mary Carmen

  76. Robin Gonzalez

    Please put my name in. I subscribe to this column.

  77. Mirabella

    No better holiday gift than a Starbucks gift card.

  78. Mirabella

    And thank you for your generous giveaways.

  79. Sandra Gonzales

    Thanks for the opportunity of a great giveaway!

  80. Sandra Gonzales

    I subscribe to your emails.

  81. Sandra Gonzales

    I follow you on Twitter too!!

  82. I subscribe via email!

  83. I also follow Facebook!

  84. Count me in! Thank you, Donna!

  85. I subscribe via feedburner

  86. I follow your tweets (moeyshay)

  87. I’m signed up for your write a blog newsletter

  88. I love the hot cider!

  89. I subscribe via email

  90. I love me some free expensive Starbucks. I am more of a tea drinker, but luckily they have tea there as well.

  91. Carnette Ball

    Loved your book, love pumpkin spice lattes and I subscribe to your emails

  92. Carnette Ball

    I follow you on facebook as well.

  93. It’s too warm down here in Florida still for a hot drink, but I can use it for a cold one 🙂

  94. I am a subscriber

  95. And also a follower on twitter

  96. Aaaaand on Facebook! (I promise I’m not a stalker 😉

  97. Love Starbucks! Thanks for the chance@

  98. I subscribe via email.

  99. I like you on Facebook.

  100. Love your giveaways. If I win I’ll buy a drink for my friend!

  101. I’d love a chance to win, thanks!

  102. Melissa F

    I would treat my sweetie and me to an expresso based drink. Caramel Macchiato for him and Pumpkin Spice latte for me. Thanks for the chance to win! Take care Donna.

  103. Love your blog and free coffee!

  104. Andrea Williams

    Starbucks is a guilty pleasure!

  105. Andrea Williams

    I subscribe via email.

  106. Elena Rodriguez

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  107. Elena Rodriguez

    I subscribe via email.

  108. Elena Rodriguez

    I follow you on Facebook.

  109. Maggie G

    Thanks for another giveaway! If I win, I will treat my two colleagues from India and the Philippines who are onsite for training. 🙂 What’s more American than Starbucks, haha. 🙂

  110. Maggie G

    I subscribe via email.

  111. Maggie G

    I also follow you on Facebook.

  112. I would love to win.

  113. I follow you on Facebook.

  114. Can’t beat a free hot chocolate! Thank you.

  115. Facebook too.

  116. Sheila Groleau

    I like their Vanilla chai tea.

  117. Great stocking stuffer….

  118. I am a fb follower

  119. I am a twitter follower

  120. I get your emails (and read them religiously….

  121. Love Starbucks! Thanks for the opportunity!

  122. Yay for coffee!!

  123. Awesome. I’m not a huge Starbucks drinker, but I know plenty who are. This would make a nice stocking stuffer.

  124. I subscribe via email.

  125. Debra Beeuwsaert

    I subscribe to the email and follow on FB as well.

  126. I follow you on Twitter @oshkoshbgosh321

  127. I get your emails.

  128. And also follow you on Facebook. Thanks for running the contest.

  129. Victoria Fox

    I follow on Facebook 🙂

  130. I love coffee—Mmmmm. Good stuff!

  131. like you on FB

  132. I like you on Facebook

  133. Love you insight and blog. Coffee is always a treat for me!

  134. Read you regularly, would love to win the gift card, would use as a gift!

  135. Cathy in NJ

    I would love a cup of Starbucks:)

  136. Cathy in NJ

    I subscribe to Write a Blog

  137. Juliannac

    Hello! I have been an email subscriber for many years, and I would love to treat my teenage son to a Frapuccino. Thanks for the opportunity to do so!

  138. Juliannac

    I also follow you on Facebook.

  139. Annamarie V

    It’s the perfect time of the year for Starbucks.

  140. Would love to win!

  141. I follow you on Facebook

  142. I also follow you on Twitter

  143. Faithful follower!!

  144. Hello! I heard you on Stacking Benjamins podcast and looked up your blog. I subscribed via email. Looking forward to reading!

  145. I don’t know how to compute “Not being a coffee drinker…” 🙂 Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  146. I would love to win this because I am a coffee drinker.
    I need it every morning lol 🙂

  147. Facebook Follower~! 🙂

  148. Follow you on Twitter!

  149. Sure love Starbucks, especially this time of year.

  150. thanks for the giveaway!

  151. They have some lovely tea drinks! I’ve never tried their hot cocoa in store but I love the mixes you can get in store (:

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