Giveaway: “Business in Blue Jeans.”

Wthant to start a business? Already own one, but want to take it further? Susan Baroncini-Moe has written a book designed to help you achieve your goals without having to become someone you’re not.

The title says it all: “Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have A Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style.“After all, not everybody wants to wear a power suit.

Although the author acknowledges that “circumstance, life path or lack of skill” can make entrepreneurship harder for some than for others, she’s put together as many resources as possible to help just about anybody achieve just about anything.

“Small business is, to me, the essence of the American Dream. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our economy, and it offers virtually anyone unlimited opportunity, income and freedom. But like anything worth pursuing, it requires effort,” she writes.

Baroncini-Moe, a business and marketing coach for established companies and still-in-the-planning stages hopefuls, offers tips on:

  • Getting rid of “brain junk” that’s fogging your approach to your goal
  • Focusing on your expertise
  • Building connections (your “village”)
  • Developing/honing an idea that’s so inspiring you can no longer ignore it
  • Packaging yourself as a “brand” and targeting customers
  • Hiring, training and managing employees

About that last: While at the Savings.com SaveUp14 conference, I was startled to learn how many bloggers hire virtual assistants. Some of them had five or six VAs doing repetitive tasks or niche work that allowed the bloggers to focus on making their businesses grow.

Yes, blogging can be a business. In fact, “business” can mean whatever you want it to mean: dog walking, social media consulting, housecleaning, financial planning, cupcake baking, auto repair or just anything you’re good at and would like to do for a living. Sometimes it takes a book full of advice to get you off your dime. Maybe this one is the nudge you need.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday, Sept. 2. If I don’t hear back from the winners by 7 p.m. PDT Wednesday, Sept. 3, I’ll pull two more names.

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  1. Sounds like a very good book. Would like to enter please.

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  4. Sounds like the perfect book!

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  7. I’d love to read this book!

  8. Pixiestix

    I love the concept that you can be an entrepreneur by being yourself plus some skills; I don’t fit into the “business” style at all, but have always wanted to run my own show, so to speak.
    thanks, Donna!

  9. One part of the post stood out a bit to me because it reminds me of one of the most important bits of business advice I ever read. Every business student knows the name of Peter Drucker, probably the most astute teacher in the field. One of his primary points was that there are just two things that every successful business person must do for themselves, even if they get help: manage and market.

    It is good to work alone. I prefer it. But I hire around the fringes as much as possible. I always try to make sure I never count on anyone else to make decisions about management or marketing. I may hire help, but I always stay hands-on with these two.

    It is easy to see why these people are hiring help. Some of it is to do things they just do not want to do. In other cases they recognize that they are not very good at some things. But for many they just want to multiply their effectiveness and hopefully income.

  10. Sounds like a great book!

  11. Enter me please. Thanks,jay

  12. Elizabeth J

    This book would be very helpful to me right now!!

  13. Dee coyee

    Sounds like a very good. Ok. We have a small business and would like to expand more, but lack the knowledge on what to do next.

    I follow on Facebook and email. Happy Labor Day weekend.

  14. Thanks for the chance to win

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  17. Love the title. I subscribe via email.

  18. Already a newsletter sub, liked on FB….I had my own biz for a while, but working alone it seemed like I spent more time collecting what I was owed in spite of signed contracts. Would love to get back into it only smarter this time….sounds like a good read!

  19. I would love to read this book. Does it tell me how to be a virtual assistant?

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  23. this sounds like an interesting read

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  27. That’s my MOTTO !!!!!!!! Live as you want do as you please just pay your bills….

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  30. Susan C

    This book sounds interesting. I would love to win.

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  32. I would love to give this book to my 16-year-old. She has a real entrepreneurial spirit, but doesn’t know how to manage it.

  33. love to check the book

  34. Looks like the book for me!!

  35. I am just starting up a business and could really use this advice. Thanks!

  36. Sounds like a very useful book!

    Please enter me, and thank you for the opportunity.

  37. Sounds like a good book

  38. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  39. Cathy in NJ

    Sounds great.

  40. Enter me please!

  41. Love reading. Love books. Would love to be entered into this giveaway.

  42. I am VERY excited about this book! Thank you for sharing and good luck to everyone who needs it (including me).

  43. Count me in! I’d like to read this book; it sounds very helpful. Thank you for all your great giveaways.

  44. I’d like to enter, too. Thanks.

  45. I’d like that copy, Donna.

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  47. I would love this book to help with earning more income.

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