Giveaway: The EnviTote has a new home.

Congratulations to lostAnnfound, she whom the random number generator loved this week. She gets the EnviTote, a reusable canvas shopping bag that is both rugged and eco-friendly.

Ann: Please respond to my e-mail requesting your mailing address. I’ll put it in the mail before I fly back to Seattle on Thursday.

(I’ve been here just over one month. It seems to have gone so quickly.)

Thanks to all who entered. Be sure to check back on Friday, because it just might be a chocolate sort of day.

A reminder: I sure could use your help (and your votes!) to get myself that trip to SaveUp 2010 in Chicago. If you have a moment, check the details in this post and vote for me as a contestant and/or for my answers to Savings.com reader questions.

Thanks for your support.

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  1. lostAnnfound

    Thank you random number generator (and Donna!)

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