Got a book in you? Get schooled.

thChandler Bolt’s “Self-Publishing School” will soon be in session once more. In the meantime Bolt is offering a free mini-course on dreaming up, writing, publishing and promoting your fiction or nonfiction book(s).

You can register for the first video, “How To Become A Bestselling Author in 2016,” starting today.

Bolt describes it as “the exact blueprint to go from blank page to bestselling author in just 90 days — even if you’re busy, bad at writing, or don’t know where to start.” Registration also gets you a free e-book, “Book Launch Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Launching A Bestseller,” by Tim Grahl.


The second installment, “From Blank Page To Published Author In 90 Days,” focuses on topics like writing as a second job, turning a book into passive income, and leveraging publication into coaching or speaking jobs. You can access this one beginning Thursday, Jan. 14. (If you try to view this or any of the following videos earlier than their launch dates, you’ll just land on the SPS home page.)

The third video, “How To Successfully Market Your First Book Using The Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint,” focuses on tactics to avoid, simple tips to generate interest, and using “Amazon’s Rule of 3” to boost sales. It’s available starting Sunday, Jan. 17.

A fourth chapter, “Your VIP Tour of Self-Publishing School,” becomes available on Wednesday, Jan. 20. Bolt will use info from the previous three installments to – you guessed it – explain why you should sign up for SPS now that you’ve gotten a taste of it.

He’ll discuss topics like “five secrets of an author who had just one week to write a 200-page book,” case studies of authors who succeeded, and how his own first book grew to earn him enough passive income to fund his current business.

A webinar is also planned for Jan. 20, but SPS has not yet provided the details.


Prepare to write a book

Am I guaranteeing that you, too, will self-publish and make money should you decide to take the writing class? Good heavens, no.

But Bolt is, and it’s a pretty brazen promise:

“If you go through our program, follow our instruction and take action, we guarantee that you’ll get your book written and get it to No. 1 on Amazon. Our system is that good.”

Specifically, if after 45 days of self-publishing school you’re dissatisfied you can request a refund. Just like in regular school, though, you have to show your work. Details here.

Note: Although the above links contain affiliate codes, I will not receive compensation if you view the videos – only if you decide to purchase the course.

All the free videos will remain live until Jan. 24. Each should take about 30 minutes of your time, and you can view them whenever it suits you.

If you do decide to write a book I hope you’ll let me know when it’s published. And if you’re not ready quite yet, you could always shoot for National Novel Writing Month in November.

Good luck!

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  1. Thank you Donna! This is so great! The video made me feel hopeful!

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