Hear me out – and maybe win a book.

thThis week you have a chance to win one of three copies of my book, and the opportunity for a free preview.

First, the giveaway: The lovely and talented J. Money, of Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance fame, is giving away three copies of “Your Playbook For Tough Times: Living Large On Small Change, For The Short Term Or The Long Haul.”

He’s doing this in three different places:


Rockstar Finance money forums. J. created this as a virtual hangout for those who want to talk about money, entrepreneurship, side hustles, early retirement, frugal hackery or pretty much anything that comes up. It’s not unlike the old MSN Money message boards, in that you can ask a question or answer someone else’s queries.

Among some of the current forum topics are debt, life insurance, “weirdly frugal” habits, when to justify splurges and a place to introduce yourself (but you can remain incognito if you like).

To enter the giveaway, sign up for the forums at the above link, then visit this post to throw your name into the hat.

Budgets Are Sexy Facebook page. If you haven’t checked out the BaS site already, I’d urge you to give it a look. It’s full of solid advice in a quirky, freewheeling style, and the community there is first-rate – lots of food for thought in the comments section.

To sign up, visit and like the BaS Facebook page and leave a comment on this post.

You have until Friday afternoon to sign up via the previous two locations. The third giveaway is lightning-fast, however. It’s on the Budgets Are Sexy Twitter page, where a lightning-fast giveaway will take place today only. Follow BaS on Twitter and reply to this Tweet to let J. know you’d like to win the book.

Incidentally, the winners have their choice of paperback, Kindle or PDF versions of the book.


Hear me out, in a couple of places

Recently I had a most stimulating conversation with Rich and Marcus, hosts of the Paychecks And Balances podcast. Their goal is to increase the paychecks and decrease the balances of millennials, especially “the rising professional.”

Yet their focus on personal stories and solid advice means their podcasts also appeal to those not yet in the professional class (e.g., students) or those still living the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

Although I’m a good three decades older than the interviewers we had a great time talking about money and lifeitsownself. You can hear the result at this link. Our chat is a de facto preview of “Playbook,” because some of the topics covered – vanquishing debt, creating money goals, building a budget you can live with, weighing the opportunity cost of overly frivolous spending – are featured in those pages.

Not that I had time to go into painstaking detail, but let’s put it this way: If even some of what I say on the podcast resonates with your situation or that of someone you know, then this book is for you. So go win it, already.

(And if you don’t win? Visit this link before midnight Nov. 30 and use the coupon code AUTHOR to get the “Playbook” PDF for just $5.)

Still haven’t heard enough? I recently did a talk at the University of Alaska Anchorage called “35 Ways To Build An Emergency Fund Out Of Thin Air.” The talk was recorded as a podcast, which can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.

Something to keep in mind: Those stealth savings tactics can be used for more than just building an emergency fund. You could use it to beef up retirement, build a bigger down payment on a vehicle or a home, help save for a child’s college education, or pay for next year’s holidays – or a vacation? – with cash.

Those are all fine goals. What would you do with “extra” money?

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  1. Would like to received the book. Enjoy reading you column and your daughter.

  2. Cathy in NJ

    Donna its a great book. I already have a copy. I would gift a second copy to my daughter.

  3. Debra Beeuwsaert

    Would love to receive the book. Something that I could use and pass it on to my sister as well.

    • Donna Freedman

      Wishing you luck, then — and again, hoping that you go over and enter the giveaway at the Facebook and Rockstar Finance forum (the Twitter giveaway has already ended).

  4. I loved listening to you on the Paychecks and Balances podcast, Donna. Happy Thanksgiving to you and DF!

    • Donna Freedman

      And to you as well! Hope you don’t have to work on Thursday — unless, that is, you wanted the extra hours.

      Thanks for listening to the podcast. Feel free to share it with anyone you believe could benefit.

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