I’m giving away my writing course.

thThis time last year I tried something completely different: creating an online course. It turned out to be an education for me as well as for those I hoped to teach. (In a good way.)

To celebrate the first anniversary of Write A Blog People Will Read, I’ve decided to give away a copy.

You may be thinking, “But I don’t have a blog, so why would I care?” However, the course will help you become a better writer in general – even if all you do is an annual Christmas letter.


Writing clear and compelling sentences can help you on the job, at volunteer positions and even in your personal journal. Learning to get what’s in your head and your heart onto paper, even virtual paper, is rewarding.

As I noted in the article above, a journal can be a safety valve, an historical document or an intimate friend. It’s a place to revisit six months after the Big Breakup or five years after your child is born, to see where you were then and how far you’ve come since.

And if you’re planning to start a blog* or already have one? This course was made for you, quite literally. It will improve your game or get you started with a bang.


‘Craft an irresistible tale’

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s what some others have to say about WABPWR:

“If you want to be a writer, take this course. (Donna) knows how to tell a story. She also knows about reporting, interviewing, generating ideas, developing a voice, organizing your time, and balancing your day job with your personal passion. ‘Write A Blog People Will Read’ can teach you how to craft an irresistible tale and also offers valuable info on how to create a writing life that meshes with your real one.“ (Liz Weston, AskLizWeston.com)

“Don’t waste your time creating the wrong type of content. (Donna) goes the extra mile to teach you exactly how to create engaging content that is going to keep your readers coming back. As a bonus, she provides some solid strategies for sticking with it. New and experienced bloggers can both benefit from Donna’s advice.” (Phil Taylor, PT Money and founder, Financial Blogger Conference)

“Donna Freedman is one of the best writers in the blogosphere, and a great measure of Wise Bread’s success is due to her tutelage and insight. Her wonderful writing course offers unique tips for bloggers in every genre. ‘Write A Blog People Will Read’ is required reading for anyone interested in taking their blogging to the next level.” (Will Chen, WiseBread.com/Killer Aces Media)

“One of the most challenging parts of blogging is coming up with fresh ways to share ideas with readers. Donna’s inspiring tips for projecting personality – while maintaining professionalism – are tools that bloggers at all levels can use every day. (Unlike) many other ‘experts’ with courses, she has years of success in an ever-changing industry with which to teach others. Learning to adapt is key, and Donna embraces change while never compromising on her values.” (Linsey Knerl, Knerl Family Media)

This is a go-as-you-please course, incidentally. Rather than be held to a specific schedule, you just sign on whenever you like and do as much work as you like.

Read one lesson or three, do one assignment or none, depending on how you’re feeling that day. Bonus: The “homework” generally results in something you can publish on your blog that day.


Making sense of the world

Writing well at work gets you noticed. Writing well at home, either on a blog or in a diary no one else will ever see (you hope!), helps you make sense of the world and your place in it. My online course will get you there.

And if you don’t win? Use this link to get a 25 percent discount on Write A Blog People Will Read. Since I started a writing coach business at the same time, I’m offering a 25 percent discount on that, too.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline to enter is 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 22. If I don’t hear back from the winner by 7 p.m. PDT Wednesday, March 23, I’ll have the random number generator pull a new name.

*Thinking of a launch but not sure how to go about it? Talk to my web guru, Grayson Bell, who will set up a WordPress blog for you for free.

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