It’s the “Tania necklace” now, baby.

We have a winner! Two of them, in fact. The “Carrie necklace” goes to Tania, whose name comes in well under the allotted 12 letters. She’ll be the envy of all the other girls (and not a few of the boys) if she wears it to “Sex and the City 2.”

The confectionery consolation prize winner is Catseye. As we all know, confections have a stupendous capacity to console. In this case, that’s a bag of Godiva milk chocolate strawberries and two Godiva bars (milk chocolate with almond, dark chocolate with extra-dark ganache filling).

Congratulations to both, and as for the rest of you: Suck it up. I wasn’t even eligible to win and you don’t hear me whining, do you?

Well, actually you can’t hear me at all because we’re not in the same room. But if you were here, you’d hear nothing but the sounds of the fridge humming and my upstairs neighbors being disruptive. (Apparently they are are examining their collection of oily bowling balls this evening. Heavy things keep hitting the floor.)

There’s also the fact that I don’t wear jewelry — I don’t even have my ears pierced — so I wouldn’t have wanted to win anyway. But like a whole bunch of you, I would have given the necklace to my daughter. Even though her name isn’t Carrie.

Thanks again to Blog & Save, the blog component of Savings.com, for sponsoring the jewelry giveaway.

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  1. “Suck it up”-I always get a giggle from you! I’m not laughing at you, really.

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