Join Swagbucks. I’ll make it worth your while.

I love Swagbucks. There. I said it. I love Swagbucks because it helps me earn Amazon gift cards for doing what I’d do anyway, i.e., online searches.

I’d like for you to join Swagbucks using the widget here on the site. That’s because I’ll get bonus points if you do.

Yes, the Internet is a giant Ponzi scheme and I just want my piece of it. So I’m proposing a little incentive.

To wit:

  • If three people sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll draw from among their names for a $5 Amazon gift card.
  • If five people sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll give away two $5 Amazon gift cards.
  • If seven people sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll give away two $5 and one $10 Amazon gift cards.
  • If 10 people sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll give away three $5 and two $10 Amazon gift cards.
  • If 12 people sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll give away three $5, two $10 and one $20 Amazon gift cards.
  • If 15 people sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll give away three $5, three $10 and one $20 Amazon gift cards.
  • If more than 15 people sign up for Swagbucks, I’ll give away three $5, three $10 and two $20 Amazon gift cards.

Those are some pretty decent odds.

How to enter

First, sign up for Swagbucks using the widget on this site. It’s down in the right-hand corner; click on “sign up” and go from there.

Next, e-mail your Swagbucks account name to SurvivingAndThriving (at) live (dot) com. Once I’ve checked my referrals and confirmed that you did sign up, you’ll be you’re entered into the drawing.

Note: A $5 prize will be given even if fewer than three people join.

The deadline is 9 p.m. PDT on Sunday, Aug. 21.

Want to know more about the program? See “Swaggin’ for Dummies.” One thing you should definitely know is that Amazon gift cards are just one of the many things you can earn/win on Swagbucks.

Meanwhile, just start searching! You’re eligible to win points for the first 20 searches you do each day. I’ve won as many as five times in a day, and can’t remember a day when I haven’t hit at least once. (I noticed that some of you newcomers have already won.)

Obviously this particular contest is good only for people who aren’t already Swagbucks members. Those folks will have to content themselves with the weekly giveaways.

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  1. I wish I could be one of your referrals, but I actually already signed up for swagbucks a couple months ago. Sorry! It seems like a cool site, though; I’m saving up my points for cash and have just about enough points for $25, though I’m trying to accumulate more points.

    • Donna Freedman

      @Neurotic Workaholic: Do you do surveys? You’re in a good demographic. I’ve gotten some 100-point ones lately.

  2. Elizabeth

    I also love swagbucks – but already am a member so unfortunately won’t help your numbers. I’d often come to your site, though, to check the widget for any available swagbucks…and noticed the widget was no longer on your site about a week ago, and isn’t there now. Is that just me? It still appears for me on other sites (like your daughter’s)…

    • Donna Freedman

      @Elizabeth: The widget is still in place. I wonder why it isn’t visible to you? Are you scrolling all the way down?

  3. ImJuniperNow

    Did it – Now, when does the good stuff start pouring in?

    • Donna Freedman

      @ImJuniperNow: As soon as you start searching, doing surveys, etc. Definitely check that “Swaggin’ for Dummies” link in the article to learn the various ways of earning.
      Thanks for signing up.

  4. SherryH

    I have to laugh – my timing stinks! I signed up for Swagbucks via your widget TWO WEEKS ago. If I’d known this was coming, I’d have waited!

    What makes this especially vexing is that I gave my husband a referral to Kiva a week or so ago, so he could set up an account and make housing or construction loans on behalf of his business – and yesterday I got an email offering a free $25 credit to make a loan for the first however many people sign up through referrals. (I don’t get anything for referring him except a bump to my Kiva stats, but for him to make the first loan on their dime would have been nice.)

    FWIW, I see your swagbucks widget on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. So it’s still there on my browser, at least. (Firefox 3.6.18 on Windows XP Home Edition)

  5. I joined…looking forward to the swag 🙂

  6. sweetpea099

    OK, I’ll bite. I’ve gone ahead & joined – sweetpea099

    P.S. SurvivingAndThriving@live.com address does not register as a valid address.

    • Donna Freedman

      @Sweetpea099: That’s odd. It’s definitely a working address because I just checked it. Try again?

  7. I also love swagbucks and have been a member for over a year. Wish I could get in on the drawing.

  8. Msjbelle

    LOVE Swagbucks though already a member. Joined a long time ago and just recently realized its benefits. I get at least 5.00 Amazon a month simply.

  9. I joined–thanks for a fun contest! Those Amazon cards come in handy at Christmas and birthdays…

  10. christy

    I signed up and sent you an email 🙂

  11. OK I signed up. I emailed you. And I will next aim to figure out the swag lifestyle despite being under the influence of fabulous cold medicines. 🙂

    • Donna Freedman

      @Mutant Supermodel: You shouldn’t drink and drive, and you shouldn’t medicate and Swag. 😉
      Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Rochelle in San Diego

    Sorry, I’m already a member.

  13. Hi Donna, I’m already a member, so I guess I can’t win, but good luck to everyone, and thanks for all the fun!

  14. jaemi bean

    Just enrolled. Start the winning!

  15. am i blind cause i dont see the link to click?

    • Donna Freedman

      @Alicia: You need to go to the Swagbucks widget on the site to sign up. It’s down toward the bottom, on the right-hand side.
      Thanks for reading, and for joining.

  16. Is the offer still open?

    • Donna Freedman

      @Jr: No, the contest ended a while back. The link to this post was just to explain how Swagbucks works.
      Thanks for reading, and for leaving a comment.

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