Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Chocolate-scented toiletries.

chocolate_0The every-Friday giveaway fell by the wayside for a few weeks. I missed it again last week because I was waiting for a couple of items to arrive from Good Earth Beauty.

They sat in the mailbox until my roommate got home late Friday evening and I must admit that the first glimpse caused me to make the girl-noise. Take a look at the accompanying photo and you’ll see why.

Couldn’t use them right away, because they were solidly frozen. But oh, how delicious they smelled on Saturday morning.

This make-believe cupcake holds “Choco DeLuxe Hand Cream,” which nicely soothed my winter-dessicated Alaska hands. (The temperature was 10 below zero this morning. But at least it’s not Fairbanks, where the high yesterday was 29 below and the low was 43 below.)

But wait! There’s more:


The leetle faux-confection holds a lip balm that is chocolate-colored as well as -scented. It doesn’t make my lips appreciably darker, but it certainly makes them feel pampered. Cold, dry air is hard on your skin.

Good Earth Beauty has offered to sponsor this week’s giveaway. Whomever the random number generator loves best this week will receive both the lotion and lip balm. These would be delightfully indulgent Valentine’s Day treats, either for a loved one or for yourself.

Bonus: They last longer than a box of chocolates, and have no calories.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline to enter is 7 p.m. PST on Thursday, Jan. 31If I don’t hear back from the winner by 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1, I’ll draw another name.


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  1. Mariann kelly

    Sounds nice and yummy!

  2. Julie Birdwell

    Those look good enough to eat!

  3. vickie Jean

    I love the packaging they are so cute

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  6. These are really cute! Thank you for the sweet giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

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  9. I like that you made the girl noise when you saw them!

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  12. A dieters dream!

  13. Ooh — pretty — would love to win these!

  14. I follow you via email too

  15. You could reuse the hand lotion container for holding jewelry. Also emitting girly noises.

  16. So cute, Would love to win. Subscribe via e-mail

  17. Really cute packaging — would be a nice pamper yourself treat to win!

  18. I also follow you by e-mail.

  19. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  23. These look so cute!

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  26. these are really cute. these would make a fun present for my daughter who loves to bake cupcakes. anything cupcake is always fun!

  27. Samantha

    Perfect Valentine’s giveaway!

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  32. My niece would love these!

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  35. Meghan in Jersey

    I subscribe via email and really, really need chocolate-scented lips because my dog doesn’t kiss me nearly enough!

  36. Meghan in Jersey

    I follow you on FB. If I win the chocolate-scented lip balm I promise not to use it as an emergency dessert topping if you are among my dinner guests.

  37. Meghan in Jersey

    I follow you on Twitter. Pick me, or I’ll hack your account and tweet that buying candy at the movie theater is a great bargain.

  38. Meghan in Jersey

    Oooh, Molly would looove this lip balm. But no worries if she doesn’t win. Her bleeding, chapped, cracked, dry lips are actually kind of cute on her.

  39. mrs short

    these sound wonderful! i follow on twitter.

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  42. Sandra Gonzales

    Chocolate with no calories- Yippee!

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  46. ImJuniperNow

    I follow you everywhere.

    And now that the medical establishment has proclaimed chocolate a healthy and necessary nutrient, I can’t wait for these “chocolates”.

    Thanks, Donna!

  47. I love chocolate! But these would be so cute for a Valentine’s gift for my sister. Thanks, Donna!

  48. I also follow you on Facebook.

  49. Nita Bohm

    Good Earth Beauty seems to be just what I need and chocolate scented, mmm.

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  51. And I am subscribed via email

  52. And that no calorie part is awesome!

  53. Pam Orita

    Fingers crossed.

  54. My daughter would love these!

  55. I’m desperate to have no calories. Count me in.

  56. So cute! And prefect at this time of winter!

  57. Leigh S.

    No-calorie chocolate indulgence? What’s not to love? Thanks for another great giveaway, Donna.

  58. Love them. Going now to follow on Facebook.

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  60. This would be neat to have.

  61. Karen J.

    Would love to win these!

  62. Those lucky adorable and just the kind of cupcakes I could use right now!

  63. How fun, and decadent! Would love to win.

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  65. good for you no-calorie treats — thanks for the giveaway!

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  68. Melinda Weiss

    Too cute

  69. After looking at these, I am suddenly hungry for an afternoon snack.

  70. Oh how I love chocolate in any form, this would be great!

  71. What a cute idea!

  72. email subscriber

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  74. Samantha

    Mmm I can practically smell them already!

  75. Here’s to looking good and smelling delicious..

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  79. These are so cute!! I’d love to win. Thanks for the good giveaway. I follow you on Twitter (@kchowy).

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  83. love your blog

  84. Terry Whitaker

    These “hit the spot” on a winter’s day! I will definitely check out their website! (and would love to win them!)

  85. These are adorable and would make a great Valentine’s Day gift – to myself!

  86. Those would work wonderfully in Arizona also!

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  88. You had me at chocolate, Donna

  89. Yum! I’m a chocoholic, and that sounds divine!

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  92. What a nice treat for our rough Alaskan skin!

  93. These sound yummy!

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  95. These are toooooo cute 🙂

  96. Heres my comment. Read every post you write here.

  97. I get your emails too.

  98. Hi Anne,

    I subscribe to your e-newsletter & follow you on Twitter! Thanks for the gift ideas. I’m goin’ to check out Good Earth!

  99. Jane Crouse

    So cute!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  100. Jane Crouse


  101. If I win these they will go to my niece. She wants to open a cupcake shop.

  102. That looks like something I’d make the girl noise over!

  103. Charlotte

    So glad I found you on facebook.

  104. these cupcakes go with the theme of the babyshower I am giving. It is babycakes (chocolate is the mother to be’s favorite flavor).

  105. Who could resist?

  106. What a fun gift idea!

  107. The “bottle blonde” was perhaps your best ever, except maybe the one where you were remembering your mother. Thanks for these and all the others I enjoyed but never took the time to tell you how much.

  108. They look incredible! Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day … ❤^0^❤

    I subscribed via e-mail (tjia_hendra@yahoo.com) and followed Surviving and Thriving on Twitter (https://twitter.com/tjiahendra) and liked on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tjiahendra)

  109. Too cute!

  110. Very nice!

  111. Amy Orvin

    I’d love to win. So cute!

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  114. These would be nice to give for Valentine’s Day.

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  116. How creative 🙂

  117. Michele Decoteau

    These sound so fun and yummy!

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