Last call for a chance at a $50 gift card.

thJust a reminder: My favorite rewards program, Swagbucks, has offered a special signup code for new referrals (see below) plus a chance for both new and old referrals to win a $50 gift card.If you want in, keep in mind the rapidly approaching deadline: Oct. 30.

This contest is pretty easy to enter; in fact, it’s automatic. Anyone I’ve ever referred to Swagbucks will be entered into a drawing for a $50 card if they earn at least 50 Swagbucks before the deadline. (For a glimpse of the card offerings, click here.)

That’s 50 SBs from any combination of the Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer or Discover categories. Keep an eye on the Swagbucks Facebook page for Swag Code announcements, too.

Extra points for newbies

If you’re not already a member, you can get a better-than-usual bonus for signing up. Here’s how:

  • Click on this link to be sent to the registration page.
  • Click on “I have a sign-up code” during registration. This is essential!
  • Use the code SURVIVETHRIVE code to get 70 Swagbucks (instead of the usual 30) when you sign up. It’s good only until Oct. 30.

The code bonus plus the 30 Swagbucks you get for filling out your profile means 100 SBs right off the bat. Put another way: You’ll be nearly a quarter of the way toward your first $5 Amazon gift card. That’s my favorite premium, but your mileage may vary.

And if you’re a member who’s slacked off lately, try doing some searches or answering some polls. A $50 gift card would be a nice boost for holiday shopping. Just sayin’.

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  1. Carolina Cooper

    I have signed up for Swagbucks, using the Donna Freedman code. I will let you know if I win. Even if I don’t I am having fun collecting those Swagbucks…already to the first gift card!

  2. Hi, I wanted to say that I was the winner of the $50 gift card from this drawing, and I wanted to say, THANK YOU so much. I really enjoy your blog, and your past posts on MSN Money and have learned so much. I’m also really grateful that I learned about Swagbucks through your blog.
    Honestly, winning that $50 gift card came at the perfect time, and you have no idea how much it cheered me up. I am one of those people who NEVER win anything. The day before, I was having such a horrible workday, just one of those nasty days where everything seems to go wrong, and stress was incredibly high. The next morning (which happened to be 11/12/13, a “lucky” day, LOL), Swagbucks contacted me via and told me the good news.
    So again, thank you for your part in spreading some good cheer.It’s very much appreciated!

    Also, just want to say to any other readers out there- if you haven’t yet joined Swagbucks, it is so worth it. Not just for the possibility of winning drawings or prizes, either. There are just SO many ways on Swagbucks to earn points and save money.

    Have a great day!

    • Donna Freedman

      Britt: Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad the win came at the right time. Have fun shopping.

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