Let me help you clean your toilet.

Well, not really. But I’m giving away a product that will.

Yes, the first of my BlogHer 2011 swag giveaways is the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner. In fact, I’m giving away three of these setups, along with coupons for a free Pine-Sol product.

We saw the Scrubbing Bubbles gadget demonstrated at BlogHer. Not in an actual bathroom, mind you, but in a booth set up with a toilet. You clip a little nozzle over the rim, and twice a day step on a foot pedal that sprays a cleaner all around the bowl.

If you want to know more, just follow the link above.

Incidentally, I am not being paid to promote these items. They were being given away at BlogHer 2011. I got extras thanks to the “swag swap” room, wherein you could dump what you didn’t want and take what you did. That’s why I’ll pick three winners this week.

To win the toilet-bowl cleaner setup and the Pine-Sol:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 9 p.m. PDT on Monday, Aug. 15.

Note: The Scrubbing Bubbles coupon expires Aug. 31, so don’t enter if you’re a procrastinator who won’t remember to go to the store before the end of the month.

And: You have until 11:59 p.m. tonight (Friday) to take advantage of extra points by joining Swagbucks. After that, the usual sign-up bonus will apply. The join-Swagbucks contest continues through Aug. 21, though. At this point I’ll be giving out at least one dozen Amazon gift cards; current odds make that a little less than a one-in-four chance of winning. And who knows? I might toss in some extras, because this is fun.

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  1. more or less clean

    sometimes I use vinegar, but whatever

    • Donna Freedman

      @More or less clean: Myself, I use a splash of bleach and a hard brush. But this system will make some people very happy, I think.

  2. Katherine

    I subscribe via RSS

  3. Alexandra Siguenza

    I’ll take anything that means not having to touch the toilet!

  4. No, really Donna, you can just come right on down and help clean my toilet! Just kidding. Put my name in the drawing. Thanks for the chance to win this. It hurts to bend over.

  5. Susan R

    Put me in the drawing! And thanks, Donna, for the giveaways and great advice!

  6. That would be a good system for people with a full house and limited time, or someone with limited mobility who finds cleaning difficult!
    Me, I just wash my dishes in a dishpan and use the soapy water to flush the toilet … it must be almost a year since I’ve had to actually hunt down the toilet brush.

  7. @Kate. I like that suggestion. I think I’ll use that if I don’t win the bubble thing :). Enter me in though ;).

  8. Blogher swag is the best! Can’t beat free, full-size, name-brand products! Ok, well..maybe cash. Cash would beat that. But I’m not complaining! Donna helped me scope out a bunch of great freebies while I was there. Never made it to the swag swap room, though. Dang it!

  9. Ashley H.

    I love not having to scrub the toilet.

  10. Ashley H.

    I like surviving and thriving on facebook.

  11. Harry Martin

    My toilet is dirty!

  12. Harry Martin

    I subscribe via email

  13. Harry Martin

    I like you on Facebook, and did I mention I have a dirty toilet?

  14. Would love to have toliet cleaner, once less thing to clean. Thanks for a great website.

  15. Diana Bombach

    One of my toilets is really disgusting. This would help.

  16. Diana Bombach

    I subscribe via reader.

  17. Diana Bombach

    I like on FB.

  18. Life is busy…bring on the toilet bowl helpers! Thanks for the swag updates.

  19. Following your and your daughter’s adventures on “I Pick Up Pennies” per e-mail.

  20. Sure why not. I am sure my son will be all over stepping on the pedal 🙂

  21. I was actually thinking of purchasing this recently. but decided I’d use up what I had before buying something new. Wouldn’t it be nice to get it free!?

  22. I subscribe via RSS too!

  23. I need it!!! I love scrubbing bubbles!!! And I love your blog!!!! =)

  24. Michele

    Yea! Bubbles! No more brushing!

  25. could always use a new tool to help make cleaning the house easier! woo hoo!

  26. My toilet can always use more help…:)

  27. jaemi bean

    Two little boys! This Mama needs some help!

  28. such a great concept! plus a lot less work for me 🙂

  29. I subscribe through RSS

  30. Sign me up!

  31. RSS subscriber

  32. Follow on twitter @cdiltz13

  33. I would love to win! thanks!

  34. I subscribe via email.

  35. I follow you on Facebook.

  36. Jesort415

    Boy this would come in soooooo handy this week as 3 of my kids and I have been suffering from a stomach bug 🙁

  37. Kristina

    I’m in! I receive your columns via email.

  38. Kristina

    Comment here, too.

  39. Hey, I’ll try it!

  40. …and yes, I am subscribed.

  41. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. email subscriber

  43. FB fan

  44. sandra jensen

    I follow you on FACEBOOK

  45. sandra jensen

    I subscribe by email.

  46. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. email subscriber

  48. sandra jensen

    I’d love to try this – anything to make this icky chore easier is a winner in my book! And Pine-Sol always smells so CLEAN!

  49. I follow on facebook (Moey Shay).

  50. Anne Loyd

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  51. Anne Loyd

    I subscribe to blog emails.

  52. Anne Loyd

    I like you on FB as Anne Loyd.

  53. I follow your blog via e-mail, this system sounds great, hope I win.

  54. Wow…that looks pretty neat! Thanks for the giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  55. I subscribe via email
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  56. I follow on facebook
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  57. I would love the help.

  58. Sounds like a helpful product. Thanks for the freebie giveaway.

  59. Nicole G

    I would love to have this thing!

  60. Nicole G

    I subscribe via email also.

  61. I’ve seen those things and wondered how well they worked. This would be a great opportunity to try one! Thanks for the great giveaway. 🙂

  62. Msjbelle

    I follow by email and Facebook.

  63. but I need someone to clean my toliet

  64. subscriber

  65. Elizabeth

    Nifty. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  66. Elizabeth

    I subscribe via email.

  67. Great practical giveaway that nearly everyone can use. Thanks.

  68. Love a clean toilet!

  69. maureen

    Would love to try this new product out! Always looking for a faster way to clean!

  70. maureen

    I now follow on facebook!

  71. Just found your blog through Penniless Parenting. Love it so far!

  72. maryegankirk

    i would love this win – we just remodeled (all cash!) and it would be great to award my new bathroom with a perenniel clean toilet – my fingers are crossed!

    thanks, as always, for the great posts!

  73. Email

  74. Thx. Just got home from seatac. Yummy halibut!

  75. Connie D.

    Looks like a cool product. Would love to try out.

  76. Terri Gajeski

    I would love to receive this! Thank you!

  77. I wonder if this would help our ancient upstairs toilet that resists even that stuff that turns the water blue. I think the porcelain is etched — we have to clean it constantly.

  78. We just moved into a new house with only one bathroom – we would LOVE this 🙂

  79. I’m a subscriber!

  80. Colleen Kavanagh

    I follow your blog via RSS.

  81. Colleen Kavanagh

    And here is a comment! I rent in an old, historic house but that means I also have an old, historic toilet. This seems like it could help in my constant battle to keep it looking decent.

  82. Donna, love your blog.

  83. Kerri S

    Pick me, Pick me. Just kidding well kinda I do want to win but don’t won’t to be obnoxious about it 🙂

  84. I have hard water so am willing to give any thing a try.

  85. I follow you on Facebook.

  86. RSS feedee

  87. My toilet is in need of a serious senseless wash, caesar the ape is on hand to do just that..pick me

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