Let’s meet in Phoenix next week.

th-1Readers and writers: Want to talk about personal finance, blogging techniques or life itsownself?

I’m heading to Phoenix on Monday and hope you’ll join my daughter and me — and possibly some bloggers to be named later — at a casual meet-up on Saturday, Jan. 23.

I’ll be in town to visit my daughter, who blogs at I Pick Up Pennies. Abby and I will hold forth from approximately 1 to 4 p.m. at the Wendy’s restaurant (see “casual,” above) near her home. We’ve staged meet-ups there in the past and it’s been quite pleasant. Management doesn’t seem to mind if we loiter and talk.

And talk. And talk.

Previous confabs have been happily gregarious, with wide-ranging topics (writing, money, midlife, French fries). I do hope you’ll be able to join us.

It’ll be two bloggers, no waiting – unless it winds up being three or more bloggers. I’m extending the invitation to several Phoenix-area writers, so you may wind up meeting someone you’ve read.

(Or discovering a new blog to follow. Win!)

Bonus: I will be giving away some fabulous prizes, including a $5 Starbucks gift certificate and a deck of “Tundra” playing cards. Just a little thank-you for taking the time, and the gasoline, to get there.

(Given the reaction to previous “Tundra” book and calendar giveaways, Chad Carpenter has quite a few fans out there. Maybe I should bring two decks.)

The Wendy’s is at 2640 W. Thunderbird. It shares a parking lot with a Home Depot store. Hope to see you there.

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  1. jestjack

    Wendy’s AND Home Depot…it get’s no better than this…LOL… My question, How do you cope with the “air fares” DD2 lives out West now and I just bought her a ticket to attend a funeral. It was “breath-taking”… Any “hacks”…stow away tips…or alternative transport ideas would be welcome. Thank you in advance and have a safe trip…

    • Donna Freedman

      I know very little about travel hacks but plenty of people blog about it. My own deal is that a friend’s husband gives me “buddy passes,” good for up to 90% off the published airfare. It wasn’t 90% off this particular ticket, but it was definitely cheaper.

      The fact that I’m staying with my daughter, not renting a car and cashing in rewards points for three restaurant gift cards makes a big difference, too.

  2. priskill

    Oh oh oh! I actually have some advice here for Jestjack!

    Have seriously lowered price of airfare using my Citi Thank you rewards credit card. I put everything on there — groceries, gas, supplies, fripperies, entertainment, any eating out, meds, furniture, stuff i buy for my class and get reimbursed for — anything, I say — because every dollar turns into a point (and restaurants/entertainments gives 2 points) toward gift cards or airfare or hotels. Airfare with no blackout dates! The key, of course, is to pay off every bit at the end of the month.

    Amazed at how quickly the points add up! It took about a year or so to get a round trip from Socal to Mass for free. And I just went back right after Christmas for $89 round trip (the other 400 or so covered by points). And they also got me a far cheaper car rental for the week. I go to see my Mom and brother 3 – 4 times per year and this is seriously helping.

    Can also opt for gift cards but this is far more useful to me. Good luck! jHope this helps!

  3. Sure wish I could make it, but I’m stuck here in Arkansas. Enjoy yourself, Donna!

  4. I hope I can make this time but have to work overtime at my
    job. But my daughter and I will try this. Thanks for all your stories.

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